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Royal Bolling, Jr., Andrew Jones and Byron Rushing
[African American leaders propose Mandela, Massachusetts]
Original Airdate: 7/3/1986

Length: 00:02:43
Item Type: newstape - edited story master

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Visual: Shots of a group of African-American residents standing at the side of a street; of an orange line train passing on the elevated tracks along Washington Street. Audio of a rap song promoting Mandela, Massachusetts.

Marcus Jones reports that leaders of Boston's African American and Latino communities are promoting the idea of Mandela, Massachusetts; that community leaders hope the referendum question on Mandela, Massachusetts will win votes on the ballot in the fall.

V: Shot of Andrew Jones (Greater Roxbury Incorporation Project) Byron Rushing (State Representative) and Royal Bolling, Jr. (Mandela supporter) at a press conference outside of the Massachusetts State House. Shot of a cameraman at the press conference. Footage of Young speaking at the press conference. Young says that the referendum question will allow voters in certain ward and precincts to consider the formation of an independent city.

Jones reports that the plan has been put forth by the Greater Roxbury Incorporation Project (GRIP); that the plan would carve a new municipality out of the neighborhoods of Roxbury, Dorchester, Mattapan, Jamaica Plain, the South End, and Columbia Point. Jones reports that the new city would be named in honor of jailed South African leader Nelson Mandela. Jones notes that many developers consider these neighborhoods to be the next frontier of development in Boston.

V: Shots of neighborhoods within the limits of the proposed city. Shot of a newspaper article with a headline reading, "Black effort to secede from Boston."

Jones stands on the median strip of Massachusetts Avenue in Boston. The Boston skyline is visible behind him. Jones reports that no formal boundary lines have yet been drawn. Jones speculates that one of the bridges on Massachusetts Avenue is a likely boundary line. Jones notes that Boston is on one side, along with the Massachusetts General Hospital, the Prudential building and the Boston Public Library. Jones notes that Mandela would lie on the other side of the bridge; that Mandela would include Boston City Hospital, the Orange Line and Franklin Park.

V: Shots of Massachusetts Avenue in both directions. Shot of Washington Street in Roxbury. The elevated train tracks are visible. Shot of Boston City Hall. Audio of a rap song promoting Mandela, Massachusetts.

Jones reports that Ray Flynn (Mayor of Boston) is opposed to the plan. Jones notes that some African American community leaders are opposed to the plan because they think that minorities are on the verge of gaining some political clout in the city of Boston.

V: Shot of Flynn. Footage of Royal Bolling, Sr. (State Senator) being interviewed. Bolling says that people of color should not settle for a piece of the pie when the whole pie is within reach.
Footage of Byron Rushing (State Representative) at the press conference in front of the State House. Rushing says that there are a few African Americans who lie to blame everything on city hall; that those people are in fact blaming their problems on white people. Rushing says that those people will not be able to continue blaming white people in Mandela.
Shot of a political cartoon about Mandela. Audio of the rap song plays in the background.
Footage of an African American man being interviewed on the street. The man says that the neighborhoods are interwoven into the fabric of the city of Boston; that the secession movement could be counterproductive.
Footage of another African American man being interviewed while in his car. The man says that Mandela is a terrible idea.
Footage of an African American woman being interviewed. The woman says that she would vote in favor of Mandela.

Jones reports that the referendum question is still only a possiblility. Jones notes that petition signatures must be approved; that voting boundaries need to be established.

V: Shot of an orange line train riding along the elevated tracks on Washington Street. Shot of a map of the districts within Mandela. Shots of a group of African Americans standing on a street corner.
Audio of the rap song promoting Mandela, Massachusetts plays in the background.

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