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Tip O'Neill campaigns for Michael Dukakis
[1988 presidential campaign compilation tape]
Original Airdate:

Length: 01:01:19
Item Type: newstape - compilation

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Description : Abstract
This tape is a compilation of news stories from the 1988 presidential campaign. Paul Brountas (Michael Dukakis campaign chairman), Susan Estrich (Dukakis campaign manager), and John Sasso (former Dukakis campaign manager) speak at a press conference on September 2, 1988. Brountas and Estrich welcome Sasso back to the Dukakis campaign. Sasso apologizes for the events leading up to his resignation the previous year. Sasso is happy to rejoin the campaign. Sasso answers questions from the media. Jesse Jackson (African American political leader) addresses the NAACP Convention in July of 1988. He talks about his campaign for the presidency. Jackson talks about his disadvantaged background. He says that he is running for the presidency so that future African Americans can run for the presidency. William Bulger is the emcee at his annual St. Patrick's Day Breakfast in 1988. Bulger and Robert Crane (State Treasurer) perform duets of Irish songs and parodies of Irish songs. Bulger exchanges witticisms and barbs with politicians at the breakfast including John Kerry (State Senator), Edward Kennedy (State Senator) and Michael Dukakis (Democratic candidate for Governor of Massachusetts). Jesse Jackson addresses an audience about the increase in poverty among African Americans under the administration of Ronald Reagan (US President). Jesse Jackson addresses an audience at Sanders Theater at Harvard University. Jackson talks about the civil rights movement. Thomas "Tip" O'Neill (former Speaker of the US House of Representatives) comes out of retirement to endorse Michael Dukakis for the presidency at a press conference outside of the Massachusetts State House. O'Neill defends liberals against Republican attacks. George Bush (Republican candidate for US president) and John Sununu (Governor of New Hampshire) speak at a press conference. Bush talks about the differences between him and Dukakis. Bush says that his views on the issues are more compatible with those of blue-collar Americans. Sununu answers questions from the media. Sununu criticizes Dukakis' performance as Governor of Massachusetts. Christy George interviews Alicia Munnell (economist). Munnell discusses Social Security, Medicare and the federal budget. Arlen Specter (US Senator) speaks at a press conference in front of the Massachusetts State House. Specter condemns Dukakis's furlough program in Massachusetts and his record on crime prevention. John Kerry (US Senator) is present. A reporter interviews a police official about crime prevention programs in Massachusetts. A reporter interviews Francis Bellotti (former Massachusetts Attorney General) and Ron Kaufman (coordinator for the Bush campaign) about crime in Massachusetts and the presidential campaign.

Contributor : Reporter
Barry Cunningham
Christy George
Format : Tape 3304   Barcode   
3/4" cassette 107288 
VHS cassette 107291 
digital betacam cassette 107289 
Betacam cassette 107290 

Subject : Keywords
African American politicians
Elections - 1988 presidential campaign and elections
Federal government
Saint Patrick's Day

Subject : Personal Names
Bellotti, Francis
Braude, James
Brountas, Paul
Bulger, William
Bush, Barbara
Bush, George H.W.
Connolly, Michael
Crane, Robert
Cunningham, Barry
Delahunt, William
Dukakis, Michael
Estrich, Susan
Fitzgerald, Kevin
Flaherty, Michael
Flanagan, Newman
Jackson, Jesse
Kaufman, Ron
Kelly, James
Kennedy, Edward
Kerry, John
Locke, David
McGee, Thomas
Moakley, Joseph
Munnell, Alicia
Nucci, John
O'Neill, Thomas "Tip"
Rufo, Robert
Sasso, John
Specter, Arlen
Sununu, John

Subject : Corporate Names (Organization names)
Democratic National Party
Harvard University
NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People)

Type : Genre
News - Unedited

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