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Superintendent Robert Spillane
Ten O'Clock News broadcast
Original Airdate: 2/4/1985

Length: 00:32:17
Item Type: newstape - aircheck

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Description : Abstract
Christopher Lydon and Gail Harris host a Ten O'Clock News broadcast. Lydon reports on a budget ceremony held by Ronald Reagan (US President) and on skepticism about the budget by some Republicans and Democrats. The report includes footage of Reagan signing the budget. The lights go out during this report, and Lydon continues to read the news. Harris reports that Michael Dukakis (Governor of Massachusetts) is critical of Reagan's budget. Harris' report is accompanied by footage of Dukakis talking about the budget at a press conference. Hope Kelly reports on preparations by the Boston School Committee and Robert Spillane (Superintendent, Boston Public Schools) for the next day's hearing in the courtroom of Arthur Garrity (federal judge). Kelly notes that Garrity will decide whether the court should withdraw from its supervisory role over the Boston Public Schools. Kelly's report includes footage from interviews with Robert Spillane (Superintendent, Boston Public Schools), Tom Kiley (pollster), Abigail Browne (Boston School Committee) and Shirley Owens Hicks (President, Boston School Committee). Harris reports on the case of five MDC (Metropolitan District Commission) police officers who have filed reverse discrimination complaints against the MDC. Harris and Lydon read international news headlines. John Thorne reports from Yorkshire, England on the return to work by some striking Yorkshire coal miners. Christy George reports that Gary Hart gave a speech about "new patriotism" at Faneuil Hall in Boston today. George analyzes efforts by the Democratic Party to prepare for the 1988 presidential elections. George's report includes footage of Democratic politicians, including Paul Tsongas (former US Senator), Paul Kirk (Chairman, Democratic National Committee), US Senators John Glenn and Edward Kennedy, and former presidential candidates George McGovern and Walter Mondale. Lydon interviews in-studio guests Roger Brinner (President, Data Resources, Inc.) and Hendrik Hertzberg (former edditor, The New Republic) about Reagan's budget and the federal budget deficit. Brinner talks about defense spending and Reagan's opposition to tax increases. Hertzberg analyzes how Reagan's philosophy on government has come to dominate the political agenda. This tape includes a portion of a Ten O'Clock News story from November 26, 1984 featuring Tina Packer (Director, Boston Shakespeare Company) and three actors from the Boston Shakespeare Company. This tape also includes a portion of a Ten O'Clock News broadcast from November 6, 1984. Christopher Lydon talks to in-studio guests Anthony Lewis (New York Times), Ellen Goodman (Boston Globe), Martin Kilson (Harvard University) and Barry Kaplovitz (consultant) about Walter Mondale's performance in the second debate against Ronald Reagan in 1984.

Contributor : Host
Gail Harris
Christopher Lydon

Contributor : Reporter
Christy George
Hope Kelly
John Thorne

Contributor : Guests
Roger Brinner
Hendrik Hertzberg
Format : Tape 2708   Barcode   Script is available.
3/4" cassette 100246 
VHS cassette 102195 
Betacam cassette 102227 
digital betacam cassette 71264 

Subject : Keywords
Affirmative action programs
Busing for school integration - Law and legislation
Economic conditions
Electioneering (Political campaigns)
Federal government
Middle East - Politics and government
Morgan v. Hennigan
Organized crime
School boards
School buildings and classrooms
School management and organization
South Boston High School

Subject : Personal Names
Brinner, Roger
Browne, Abigail
Dukakis, Michael
Frank, Barney
Garrity, W. Arthur, Jr.
Glenn, John
Goodman, Ellen
Harris, Gail
Hart, Gary
Hertzberg, Hendrik
Hicks, Shirley Owens
Kaplovitz, Barry
Kelly, Hope
Kennedy, Edward
Kiley, Tom
Kilson, Martin
Kirk, Paul
Lewis, Anthony
Lydon, Christopher
McGovern, George
Mondale, Walter
O'Neill, Thomas (Tip)
Packer, Tina
Reagan, Ronald
Spillane, Robert
Thorne, John
Tsongas, Paul

Subject : Corporate Names (Organization names)
Boston School Committee
Boston Shakespeare Company
Democratic National Party
Manville Corporation
MDC (Metropolitan District Commission) Police Department

Subject : Geographic Locations
Great Britain
Middle East

Type : Genre
News - Television

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