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Mel King
[Gail Harris interviews Mel King]
Original Airdate: 9/19/1983

Length: 00:26:25
Item Type: newstape - original footage

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Description : Abstract
Gail Harris interviews Mel King (candidate for mayor). King discusses his reasons for running for mayor and talks about the issues he considers most important to the city's residents. King answers questions about how he would deal with the city's leaders, the city's power brokers and "the Vault." King talks about the importance of education and training. Harris and King discuss the changes in King's image and manner of dress. King notes the diversity within the African American community; he dismisses the idea of any one candidate receiving 100% of the vote in the African American community. King gives his opinion of Mel Miller (publisher of the The Bay State Banner), who is opposed to King's candidacy. King says that there is no Boston neighborhood in which he feels uncomfortable. King and Harris discuss how to keep racial issues out of the campaign; Harris and King discuss his boycott of an earlier campaign debate because it excluded some candidates. King talks about his goals for the city as mayor. After the interview, King tells Harris about his book, Chain of Change. King talks about his hobbies and about the importance of organizing and empowering people. King gives his opinion of Kevin White (Mayor, City of Boston).

Contributor : Reporter
Gail Harris

Contributor : Guests
Mel King
Format : Tape 2517   Barcode   
3/4" cassette 100530 
VHS cassette 101656 
Betacam cassette 101602 
digital betacam cassette 47911 

Subject : Keywords
African American politicians
Electioneering (Political campaigns)
Municipal government
Urban policy

Subject : Personal Names
Harris, Gail
King, Mel
Miller, Melvin

Type : Genre
News - Unedited

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