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Ray Flynn at a candidate's forum
[Candidates forum with Ray Flynn and Mel King]
Original Airdate: 10/12/1983

Length: 00:22:05
Item Type: newstape - original footage

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Description : Abstract
Mayoral candidates Ray Flynn and Mel King speak at a candidates' forum sponsored by the Boston Herald at the Sheraton-Boston Hotel. Both candidates review their political records and state their goals for the city. Flynn answers questions about his relations with the business community and how he will reach out to people of color. King answers questions about crime and about the budget for city services. Members of the press, city officials and state officials are seated in the audience. Audience members include Kevin White (Mayor of Boston), Michael Dukakis (Governor of Massachusetts), John Collins (former Mayor of Boston), Domenic Bozzotto (labor activist), Joyce King (wife of Mel King), Frederick Langone (Boston City Council), and Jean McGuire (Boston School Committee). Joe Robinowitz, Peter Lucas and Wayne Woodlief are panelists at the candidates' forum. The video on the original tape has a greenish tinge.

Format : Tape 2367   Barcode   
3/4" cassette 100535 
Betacam cassette 101606 
digital betacam cassette 101636 
VHS cassette 101648 

Subject : Keywords
African American politicians
Electioneering (Political campaigns)
Municipal government
Urban policy

Subject : Personal Names
Flynn, Raymond
King, Mel
Lucas, Peter
Robinowitz, Joe
Woodlief, Wayne

Type : Genre
News - Unedited

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