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Jim Pardy discusses the successful integration of the Lewenberg School
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[Interviews with Pardy and students at the Lewenberg School]
Original Airdate: 9/17/1976

Length: 00:20:50
Item Type: newstape - original footage

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Description : Abstract
Footage of racially integrated music and math classes at the Solomon Lewenberg Middle School. Pam Bullard interviews two Lewenberg School students, Xerxes Hammond and Alfred Tiberi, about the school. Both students praise the school and its teachers. Bullard interviews Jim Pardy (Assistant Headmaster, Lewenberg School) about the opening of school, school integration, and how budget cuts have affected the Lewenberg School. Pardy says that the school had a strong academic record for the previous year. Pardy says that a cuts to the school staff have resulted in larger classes this year. Pardy notes that the Lewenberg School is an example of a successfully integrated school in an African American neighborhood. Pardy says that the socioeconomic backgrounds of the African American and white students are very similar.

Contributor : Reporter
Pam Bullard
Format : Tape 215   Barcode   
3/4" cassette 104774 
VHS cassette 77074 
Betacam cassette 78212 
digital betacam cassette 78307 

Subject : Keywords
Busing for school integration - School buildings and classrooms
Busing for school integration - School faculty
Busing for school integration - School management and organization
Busing for school integration - Students
Lewenberg Middle School
School faculty

Subject : Personal Names
Bullard, Pam
Hammond, Xerxes
Pardy, Jim
Tiberi, Alfred

Subject : Geographic Locations
Mattapan (Boston, Mass.)

Type : Genre
News - Unedited

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