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The Prater family's damaged vehicle
[Prater incident]
Original Airdate: 8/8/1982

Length: 00:02:26
Item Type: newstape - acquired tape

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Description : Abstract
A reporter interviews Charles Prater (Boston resident) on Beacon Street after Prater's family was attacked in their car, and his infant son injured, by a group of young white men who had been driving recklessly. The Prater family stands in and around the ambulance. Charles Prater is shown in the ambulance while paramedics tend to his son. Jennifer McLogan (WBZ reporter) reports that police chased a green Chevrolet Malibu through the Back Bay at speeds up to 95 m.p.h. and arrested the occupants on charges including assault and battery with a deadly weapon. The tape includes footage of police arresting a group of young white men. The police surround the young men and handcuff them. A reporter interviews a white male bystander who says that racism is prevalent in Boston.

Format : Tape 2135   Barcode   
3/4" cassette 100268 
VHS cassette 101942 
Betacam cassette 101951 
digital betacam cassette 101980 

Subject : Keywords
Police - Arrests
Race relations

Subject : Personal Names
McLogan, Jennifer
Prater, Charles, Jr.
Prater, Charles, Sr.
Prater, Karen
Prater, Resa

Subject : Corporate Names (Organization names)

Type : Genre
News - Unedited

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