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Groundbreaking ceremony for Roxbury Community College campus; Gail Harris interviews Brunetta Wolfman.
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Ten O'Clock News broadcast
Original Airdate: 8/27/1985

Length: 00:31:54
Item Type: newstape - aircheck

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Description : Abstract
Gail Harris and Meg Vaillancourt host a Ten O'Clock News broadcast. Harris reads the headlines. Eileen Jones reports that Laval Wilson (Superintendent, Boston Public Schools) has announced to the Boston School Committee that $1.2 million must be cut from the school budget. Jones notes that school administrators and staff will be affected by the cuts. Jones adds that the Boston School Committee has voted in favor of appointing a school official to oversee negotiations with the school bus drivers' union, with the goal of signing a contract before the beginning of school. Jones' report includes footage of Jim Barrett (President, Bus Drivers Union) and footage of Wilson and school committee members at a school committee meeting. Harris reports that Grace Romero (Boston School Committee) has been indicted for violating state election laws. The report includes footage of Romero speaking to the media. Vaillancourt reports on opposition by the Boston Police Detectives Union to a decision by Francis "Mickey" Roache (Commissioner, Boston Police Department) to reassign thirty detectives to street patrol duty. Vaillancourt's report includes footage from interviews with Michael Muse (attorney, Boston Police Detectives Union) and Dan Mahoney (President, Boston Police Detectives Union). James Robbins reports that the Reverend Allan Boesak (South African anti-apartheid leader) was detained by South African security forces after giving a speech at Capetown University. Robbins notes that Boesak had planned to lead a march on Pollsmoor Prison the next day. Vaillancourt reports that the US State Department has lodged a protest concerning the arrest of Boesak. Vaillancourt's report is accompanied by footage of Charles Redman (Spokesman for the US State Department) at a press conference. Tug Yourgrau interviews Janet Levine (South African journalist) about Nelson Mandela (jailed ANC leader). Levine talks about Mandela's arrest, his leadership, his opposition to apartheid and his wife, Winnie Mandela. The interview is accompanied by still photographs and footage of Nelson and Winnie Mandela. Vaillancourt reports on an army coup in Nigeria. Her report is accompanied by footage of Muhammadu Buhari (leader of Nigeria) delivering a speech. Harris reports that British Airways has grounded several jets due to possible engine problems. Her report is accompanied by footage of an exploded jet on a runway in Manchester, England. Vaillancourt reports that the Pentagon has cancelled the production of an airgun designed to hit Soviet helicopters because it did not work properly. Her report is accompanied by shots of military weaponry and footage of Casper Weinberger (US Secretary of Defense) at a press conference. Harris reports on a decline in the US poverty rate and on a fine imposed on Crocker National Bank in San Francisco for a failure to report currency transactions. Vaillancourt reports on the racketeering trial of Gennaro Angiulo (alleged Mafia boss). The report is accompanied by court drawings of the trial. Harris reports on the ground-breaking ceremony for Roxbury Community College. The report includes footage of Bruce Bolling (Boston City Council) speaking at the ceremony. Harris interviews in-studio guest Brunetta Wolfman (President, Roxbury Community College) about the college. Wolfman talks about the new campus and the need to provide education and training to urban populations. Wolfman talks about a divide between the educated and uneducated populations in Massachusetts.

Contributor : Host
Gail Harris
Meg Vaillancourt

Contributor : Reporter
Eileen Jones
James Robbins
Tug Yourgrau

Contributor : Guests
Brunetta Wolfman
Format : Tape 2114   Barcode   Script is available.
3/4" cassette 67410 
VHS cassette 102289 
Betacam cassette 102288 
digital betacam cassette 102287 

Subject : Keywords
Africa - Politics and government
African American politicians
Banks and banking
Bus drivers
Economic conditions
Military weapons and defense
Organized crime
School boards
School management and organization
School superintendents
Universities and colleges

Subject : Personal Names
Angiulo, Gennaro
Barrett, Jim
Boesak, Allan
Bolling, Bruce
Botha, P.W.
Buhari, Muhammadu
Casper, Joseph
Dukakis, Michael
Flynn, Raymond
Grady, John
Harris, Gail
Hicks, Shirley Owens
Jones, Eileen
King, Mel
Levine, Janet
Mahoney, Dan
Mandela, Nelson
Mandela, Winnie
McCluskey, Kevin
McGuire, Jean
Muse, Michael
Nucci, Jean
O'Bryant, John
Redman, Charles
Roache, Francis "Mickey"
Robbins, James
Romero, Grace
Vaillancourt, Meg
Weinberger, Casper
Wilson, Dr. Laval
Wolfman, Brunetta
Yourgrau, Tug

Subject : Corporate Names (Organization names)
African National Congress (ANC)
Bank of Boston
Boston Police Department
Boston School Committee
Boston School Department
Crocker National Bank
Roxbury Community College

Subject : Geographic Locations
El Salvador
Great Britain
Roxbury (Boston, Mass.)
South Africa

Type : Genre
News - Television

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