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George Bush addresses the Middlesex Club of Republicans
Ten O'Clock News broadcast
Original Airdate: 3/8/1977

Length: 00:30:54
Item Type: newstape - aircheck

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Description : Abstract
Lee Nelson introduces The Ten O'Clock News broadcast. Nelson reads a news brief about US Army testing of live bacteria on civilians in simulated germ warfare attacks. Art Cohen reports on racial controversy during jury selection in the Andrew Puopolo murder trial. Cohen reports that the defense attorneys have accused the prosecution of exluding African Americans from the jury. Gary Griffith reports on Mayor Kevin White's proposed fiscal legislation. The report includes footage of Jim Young (Treasurer, City of Boston) explaining the fiscal package. Steve Curwood reports on George Bush's address to the Middlesex Club of Republicans. The report includes footage of Bush answering questions about his tenure as CIA Director, biological warfare, and the overthrow of foreign governments. Mike Kolowich reports on Thomas Widmer (Vice President, Thermo Electron), who advocates energy efficiency and conservation through the application of technology. Footage of Widmer talking about technology and energy policy. Christopher Lydon comments on the early days of the Carter presidency and Carter's outspoken position on human rights. Footage from another Ten O'Clock News broadcast. Steve Nevas hosts the Ten O'Clock News. Nevas reports on the possibility of peace talks in the Middle East. Lydon interviews Richard Reeves (political writer) on Jimmy Carter's character and his public image. Nevas editorializes on US policy regarding marine resources. Footage from another Ten O'Clock News broadcast. Nevas closes the show. David Ives (President, WGBH) sings a fundraising song for on-air fundraising promotion.

Contributor : Host
Lee Nelson
Steve Nevas

Contributor : Reporter
Art Cohen
Gary Griffith
Mike Kolowich
Christopher Lydon
Format : Tape 200   Barcode   
3/4" cassette 19528 
Betacam cassette 63807 
digital betacam cassette 76310 
VHS cassette 77069 

Subject : Keywords
Biological warfare
Economic conditions
Energy policy
Environmental protection
Human rights advocacy
Middle East - Politics and government
Race relations
United States - Foreign relations

Subject : Personal Names
Allen, Richard
Benson, Sonja
Bush, George H.W.
Carter, Jimmy
Cohen, Art
Curwood, Steve
Easterling, Leon
Griffith, Gary
Ives, David
Kolowich, Mike
Lincoln, Thomas
Lydon, Christopher
Mundy, Thomas
Nelson, Lee
Nevas, Steve
Puopolo, Andrew
Reeves, Richard
Roy, James
Saxon, Steve
Soares, Edward
Vance, Cyrus
White, Kevin
Widmer, Thomas
Young, James

Subject : Corporate Names (Organization names)
CIA (Central Intelligence Agency)
Middlesex Club of Republicans
Thermo Electron
US Army

Subject : Geographic Locations
Middle East

Type : Genre
News - Unedited

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