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Loretta Roach talks about school desegregation ten years later
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Original Airdate: 9/6/1984

Length: 00:29:20
Item Type: newstape - aircheck

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Description : Abstract
Christopher Lydon and Gail Harris host a Ten O'Clock News broadcast. Christy George reports on a campaign debate between Republican US Senate candidates Elliot Richardson and Ray Shamie. The report includes footage of their debate at Faneuil Hall. Charles Bennett reports on the race between Democratic US Senate candidates Jim Shannon and John Kerry. Bennett reports that Shannon held a press conference to announce the endorsement of his candidacy by several leaders of Vietnam Veterans' groups. The report includes footage from the press conference featuring Shannon and Vietnam veterans Charles Harris and Sam Mullen. Bennett reviews Kerry's history as a Vietnam veteran and talks about Kerry's relations with veterans' groups. Bennett's report also includes footage from a campaign advertisement for Kerry. Lydon and Harris read headlines about Greg Bemis (arsonist) and a hepatitis outbreak in Worcester. Lydon reports on addresses to the B'Nai Brith convention by Ronald Reagan (US president) and Walter Mondale (Democratic candidate for US president). The report includes footage of both candidates addressing the convention. Harris reports on a power-sharing agreement between Israeli leaders Shimon Peres and Yitzhak Shamir. Harris's report features footage of Peres and Shamir at a press conference. Christopher Lydon interviews in-studio guests Kim Marshall (Director for Curriculum, Boston Public Schools) and Loretta Roach (parent activist) about the state of Boston Public Schools ten years after the beginning of school desegregation. Marshall talks about the educational agenda for the schools; he says that the schools are beginning to improve. Roach says that she is more concerned about quality education than she is about integrated schools. Roach and Marshall say that the schools must concentrate on serving the present student population, which is poor and minority. Harris reads a news brief about school bus safety standards in the aftermath of a school bus accident in Rehoboth, Mass. Donna Hodge reports on Congressional efforts to protect the striped bass population in the Northeast. Hodge notes that there are disagreements between those who support a moratorium on striped bass fishing and those who are opposed to any quotas on striped bass fishing. Hodge's report includes footage from interviews with Kenny Baker (fisherman), Philip Coates (Director, Massachusetts Marine Fisheries) and Owen DeLong (Emergency Striped Bass Council).

Contributor : Host
Gail Harris
Christopher Lydon

Contributor : Reporter
Charles Bennett
George Christy
Donna Hodge

Contributor : Guests
Ken Marshall
Loretta Roach
Format : Tape 1929   Barcode   Script is available.
3/4" cassette 100948 
VHS cassette 102189 
Betacam cassette 83702 
Betacam cassette 55689 

Subject : Keywords
Bus drivers
Busing for school integration - General
Electioneering (Political campaigns)
Environmental protection
Middle East - Politics and government
Political advertisements
School management and organization
Veterans - Vietnam

Subject : Personal Names
Baker, Kenny
Bemis, Greg
Bennett, Charles
Coates, Philip
DeLong, Owen
George, Christy
Harris, Charles
Harris, Gail
Hodge, Donna
Kerry, John
Lydon, Christopher
Marshall, Kim
Mondale, Walter
Mullen, Sam
Noons, Mary Jane
Peres, Shimon
Reagan, Ronald
Richardson, Elliot
Roach, Loretta
Shamie, Raymond
Shamir, Yitzhak
Shannon, James

Subject : Corporate Names (Organization names)
B'Nai Brith
Black Political Task Force
Vietnam Veterans of Massachusetts, Incorporated

Subject : Geographic Locations
Middle East

Type : Genre
News - Television

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