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A panel discusses Ray Flynn's victory over Mel King in Boston's mayoral elections
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Ten O'Clock News Election Night Special
Original Airdate: 11/15/1983

Length: 00:29:41
Item Type: newstape - aircheck

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Description : Abstract
Christopher Lydon and Gail Harris host The Ten O'Clock News Election Night Special with in-studio guests Dennis Kearney (Suffolk County Sheriff), Dr. Alvin Poussaint (Harvard Medical School), Kirk Scharfenberg (The Boston Globe) and Michael Rezendes (The Boston Phoenix). Lydon, Harris and the guests analyze the voting results. Lydon calls the Flynn victory a "landslide." Poussaint talks about "ethnic voting" in the white precincts. Lydon and Harris read the news headlines. Harris reports on an agreement between WGBH and the Massachusetts House of Representatives, which allows WGBH to broadcast live coverage of House proceedings. Lydon, Harris and the in-studio guests talk about Flynn's victory. The guests discuss how Flynn will reach out to the African American community and how Flynn will deal with the business community. Scharfenberg notes that Flynn will need to appoint non-whites to some high-level positions in his administration. Rezendes criticizes the King campaign for not spending enough money on media advertising. The guests debate the role of race in the campaign. Poussaint believes that many white voters were frightened of King's appearance. The guests talk about whether the media downplayed racial issues during the campaign. They speculate about whether another African American candidate would have fared better than King.

Contributor : Host
Gail Harris
Christopher Lydon

Contributor : Guests
Dennis Kearney
Dr. Alvin Poussaint
Michael Rezendes
Kirk Scharfenberg
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3/4" cassette 100937 
VHS cassette 102196 
Betacam cassette 102226 
digital betacam cassette 91692 

Subject : Keywords
African American politicians
Arms control
Electioneering (Political campaigns)
Greece - History
Middle East - Politics and government
Race relations
Urban policy

Subject : Personal Names
Flynn, Raymond
Harris, Gail
Haseltine, Michael
Kearney, Dennis
King, Mel
Lydon, Christopher
Poussaint, Dr. Alvin
Rezendes, Michael
Scharfenberg, Kirk
Tsantes, George

Subject : Corporate Names (Organization names)
Massachusetts State Legislature
Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)

Subject : Geographic Locations
Great Britain
Middle East

Type : Genre
News - Television

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