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A Ten O'Clock News special: Mandela in Boston
Mandela in Boston
Original Airdate: 6/22/1990

Length: 00:59:46
Item Type: newstape - aircheck

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Description : Abstract
Ten O'Clock News special in celebration of South African leader Nelson Mandela to Boston. Carmen Fields, Christopher Lydon, Lovell Dyett and Elliot Francis host the show in the WGBH studios. Marcus Jones reports on preparations in the city of Boston for Nelson Mandela's visit. Jones' report includes footage of preparations on the Esplanande and footage of schoolchildren at the Trotter Elementary School rehearsing a musical piece and making posters. Jones interviews Jacob Abdul Khllaq (general manager, A Nubian Notion) about the Nelson Mandela books, T-shirts, and posters sold around the city. Carmen Fields interviews South African exiles Themba Vilakazi and Janet Levine about the life and leadership of Nelson Mandela. Fields's report includes photos and footage of Nelson Mandela and Winnie Mandela. Christopher Lydon interviews in-studio guests Aggrey Mbere (Roxbury Community College) and Orlando Patterson (Harvard University) about Nelson Mandela. Patterson and Mbere talk about how Mandela's culture and education have shaped his leadership. Lovell Dyett reports on the debate surrounding divestment and the imposition of sanctions on the South African government. He notes that the Massachusetts State Legislature passed meaningful divestment legislation in 1983. Dyett interviews Caroline Hunter (Polaroid Corporation), Mel King (Community Fellows Program, MIT) and Robert Zevin (Manager, Calvert Social Investment Fund) about divestment. Dyett reports that Harvard University and the Gillette Corporation have refused to divest completely. Dyett interviews in-studio guests Dr. Willard Johnson (MIT) and Joseph LaBonte (Founder, American Business Initiative for a Free South Africa) about the debate over sanctions. David Boeri reports on Teko Manong (South African exile in Boston). Boeri interviews Manong about his opposition to apartheid and his exile in the United States. Boeri notes that Manong is a playwright, but has received little recognition in the United States. Meg Vaillancourt reports on Nthabiseng Mabuza (South African exile). Vaillancourt notes that Mabuza was paralyzed from injuries sustained during an attack on her home by South African security forces. Vaillancourt reports that the Fund for a Free South Africa helped Mabuza and her family settle in Cambridge. Mabuza discusses apartheid and her impressions of Nelson Mandela. Elliot Francis reports that Andrew Jones (filmmaker) has just returned from South Africa, where he shot a documentary series. Jones talks about the apartheid regime in South Africa as well as race relations in the United States. Francis's report includes footage from Jones's documentary. Francis reports that US citizens and local residents support Nelson Mandela's struggle for freedom. Francis interviews Edmund Barry Gaither (Museum of the National Center of Afro-American Artists). Gaither discusses the initiative by the National Conference of Artists to create artwork inspired by Soweto and apartheid. Francis' report includes shots of artwork by artists Kenneth Falana and Nelson Stevens. Francis interviews Sadiki Kambon (Project FATE.) about Nelson Mandela and the significance of his struggle. Christopher Lydon and Lovell Dyett interview in-studio guests Margaret Burnham (Fund for a Free South Africa) and Henry Hampton (Executive Producer, "Eyes on the Prize" ). Burnham and Hampton discuss what effect Mandela's visit will have on racial issues in the US. The special includes footage of Mandela speaking at the United Nations and footage of Mandela in South Africa after his release from prison. The special also includes footage of Boston residents and school children talking about Mandela.

Creator : Executive Producer
Juanita Anderson
Alan Foster

Creator : Producer
Juanita Anderson
Lenore J. Hanoka
Calvin Lindsay Jr.
Kathleen McKenna

Contributor : Host
Lovell Dyett
Carmen Fields
Elliot Francis
Christopher Lydon

Contributor : Reporter
David Boeri
Lovell Dyett
Carmen Fields
Elliot Francis
Marcus Jones
Sherylle Jones
Hope Kelly
Janice Munnings Melton
Meg Vaillancourt

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3/4" cassette 20147 
VHS cassette 106253 
Betacam cassette 106252 
digital betacam cassette 106251 

Subject : Keywords
African American artists
African American students
African Americans - Civil rights
Art and artists
Documentary films
Mandela, Massachusetts
Race relations
Trotter Elementary School

Subject : Personal Names
Boeri, David
Bok, Derek
Bolling, Bruce
Burnham, Margaret
Costello, Molly
de Klerk, F.W.
Dinkins, David
Donahue, Phil
Dukakis, Michael
Dyett, Lovell
Falana, Kenneth
Fields, Carmen
Flynn, Raymond
Francis, Elliot
Gaither, Edmund Barry
Grant, Lisa
Hampton, Henry
Hunter, Caroline
Jackson, Jesse
Johnson, Dr. Willard
Jones, Andrew
Jones, Marcus
Kambon, Sadiki
Khllaq, Jacob Abdul
King, Mel
LaBonte, Joseph
Levine, Janet
Lewis, Maurice
Lydon, Christopher
Mabuza, Anna
Mabuza, Nthabiseng
Mandela, Nelson
Mandela, Winnie
Mandela, Zinzi
Manong, Teko
Mbere, Aggrey
McGee, Thomas
Patterson, Orlando
Purvis, Priscilla
Schaller, Jane
Scondras, David
Sisulu, Walter
Sterling, Loraine
Stevens, Nelson
Stith, Charles
Tutu, Desmond
Vaillancourt, Meg
Vilakazi, Themba
Yancey, Charles
Zevin, Robert

Subject : Corporate Names (Organization names)
African National Congress (ANC)
Black Entertainment Television
Calvert Investment Fund
Fund for a Free South Africa
Gillette Corporation
Harvard University
Massachusetts State Legislature
National Center of Afro-American Artists
National Conference of Artists
Polaroid Corporation

Subject : Geographic Locations
Roxbury (Boston, Mass.)
South Africa

Type : Genre
News - Television

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