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Hyde Park residents express anti-busing sentiment
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Evening Compass broadcast
Original Airdate: 9/11/1975

Length: 00:28:37
Item Type: newstape - aircheck

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Description : Abstract
Evening Compass newscast during the first week of Phase II desegregation of Boston schools. Ed Baumeister reads school attendance statistics and reports on the stoning of a bus in Jamaica Plain. Pam Bullard reports on resistance to busing among Hyde Park parents. She interviews Paul Murphy, Ginny McCarthy, William Wager, Sylvia Connaughton, Pauline Haley, and Eddie Remondi. Remondi invokes the civil disobedience of Martin Luther King as a model for the anti-busing movement. Gary Griffith reports on complaints of police brutality by Tactical Patrol Force officers in South Boston, Charlestown and Roxbury. Bill MacDonald, Joseph Rowan, William Johnston, Val Williams, and Kathy Fitzpatrick (all of the Boston Police Department) talk about the TPF and respond to the charges of brutality. Baumeister reports on how busing has affected East Boston. He interviews East Boston residents Rose DiScisio, Mina DeFilippo, Mrs. Jay DiGiangregorio and Evelyn Babin about busing. Judy Stoia interviews Dennis Kearney (State Representative), Gloria Conway (Editor, Charlestown Patriot) and Mon O'Shea (Associate Dean, Bunker Hill Community College) about youth violence in Charlestown. Conway, Kearney and O'Shea complain that the media has exaggerated the violence in Charlestown; that youth violence is a problem across the city. Greg Pilkington reports on his conversation with James Nabrit (attorney for the plaintiffs, Brown v. Board of Education) about busing as a means to achieve school desegregation. Pilkington reports that Nabrit says that busing is a necessary remedy for school desegregation.

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Contributor : Host
Ed Baumeister
Pam Bullard
Gary Griffith
Judy Stoia

Contributor : Reporter
Greg Pilkington

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Format : Tape 1482   Barcode   
3/4" cassette 26683 
VHS cassette 103215 
VHS cassette 103216 
digital betacam cassette 54612 
Betacam cassette 54635 

Subject : Keywords
Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas
Busing for school integration - Law and legislation
Busing for school integration - Police
Busing for school integration - Protest
Busing for school integration - School attendance
Busing for school integration - Students
Busing for school integration - Violence
Hyde Park High School
Race relations

Subject : Personal Names
Atkins, Thomas
Babin, Evelyn
Baumeister, Ed
Bullard, Pam
Connaughton, Sylvia
Conway, Gloria
DeFilippo, Mina
DiGiangregorio, Mrs. Jay
DiScisio, Rose
Fitzpatrick, Kathy
Griffith, Gary
Haley, Pauline
Johnston, William
Kearney, Dennis
MacDonald, Bill
McCarthy, Ginny
Murphy, Paul
Nabrit, James
O'Shea, Mon
Pilkington, Greg
Remondi, Eddie
Rowan, Joseph
Schwartz, Robert
Stoia, Judy
Wager, William
White, Kevin
Williams, Val

Subject : Corporate Names (Organization names)
East Boston Information Center
East Boston People Against Racism
EBQE (East Bostonians for Quality Education)
ROAR (Restore Our Alienated Rights)
Tactical Patrol Force (TPF)

Subject : Geographic Locations
Charlestown (Boston, Mass.)
East Boston (Boston, Mass.)
Hyde Park (Boston, Mass.)

Type : Genre
News - Television

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