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Peter Meade discusses the declining white enrollment in Boston Public Schools
Evening Compass broadcast
Original Airdate: 9/10/1975

Length: 00:37:34
Item Type: newstape - aircheck

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Description : Abstract
Evening Compass late edition newscast covering day three of Phase II desegregation in Boston Schools. Ed Baumeister summarizes events and reports on school attendance figures. Pam Bullard reports that attendance figures show white students to be in the minority: Peter Meade (Mayor's Office) comments on racial makeup of the school system; Cardinal Medeiros (Archdiocese of Boston) comments on influx of Boston students to parochial schools to avoid busing. School officials comment on the opening of schools: Charles Leftwich (Associate Superintendent of Schools) reports a missing bus and problems with buses arriving late; Robert Donahue (Boston School Department) reports on registration for unassigned students; Frances Condon (Boston School Department) reports on kindergarten registration. Bullard interviews Thayer Fremont-Smith (lawyer, Boston Home and School Association) about the court action to overturn forced busing. Fremont-Smith says that the court-ordered busing plan is too broad and will result in racially imbalanced schools as a result of declining white enrollment. Edwin Diamond (media critic) analyzes Boston Globe coverage of busing crisis with guests Mike McNamee (MIT student) and Robert Healy (Executive Editor, Boston Globe). Healy says that a local newspaper has to deal with the crisis differently than a national newspaper.

Contributor : Host
Ed Baumeister
Pam Bullard

Contributor : Guests
Edwin Diamond
Thayer Fremont-Smith
Robert Healy
Mike McNamee
Format : Tape 1481   Barcode   
3/4" cassette 21834 
Betacam cassette 27117 
digital betacam cassette 27098 
VHS cassette 77029 

Subject : Keywords
Busing for school integration - Catholic church
Busing for school integration - Law and legislation
Busing for school integration - Mass media
Busing for school integration - School attendance
Busing for school integration - School management and organization
Catholic Church
Mass media
Morgan v. Hennigan

Subject : Personal Names
Baumeister, Ed
Bullard, Pam
Condon, Frances
Diamond, Edwin
Donahue, Robert
Fremont-Smith, Thayer
Healy, Robert
Leftwich, Charles
McNamee, Mike
Meade, Peter
Medeiros, Humberto

Subject : Corporate Names (Organization names)
Archdiocese of Boston
Boston Globe, The
Boston Home and School Association
Boston School Department
MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Type : Genre
News - Television

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