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Paul deGive reports on a confrontation between anti-busing mothers and police in Charlestown
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Evening Compass broadcast
Original Airdate: 9/9/1975

Length: 00:29:04
Item Type: newstape - aircheck

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Description : Abstract
Evening Compass newscast on the second day of Phase II desegregation of Boston schools. Ed Baumeister reports on the increased presence of federal law enforcement officials in the Boston. Report includes footage of Kevin White (Mayor, City of Boston) saying that violations of the law committed in the evening will be prosecuted as federal offenses. Baumeister also reports on school attendance. Footage of Marion Fahey (Superintendent, Boston Public Schools) expressing optimism about the climate in the schools. Greg Pilkington reports on police commitment to stricter law enforcement relating to school desegregation. Report includes footage of a press conference with Robert DiGrazia (Police Commisioner, City of Boston) and J. Stanley Pottinger (Assistant U.S. Attorney General). Pilkington notes that police have made few arrests relating to violence Charlestown. Footage of Pilkington interviewing Scott Harshbarger (Assistant State Attorney General), about enforcement of the school desegregation order. Paul deGive reports on confrontations between Charlestown residents, and police throughout the day. The report includes still photos and coverage of a standoff between police and Charlestown mothers during a prayer march. DeGive reports that Charlestown mothers charged police officers who were blocking the path of their march. DeGive reports on a confrontation between police, members of the media and Charlestown residents outside of the Bunker Hill Housing Project in Charlestown. DeGive notes that the police left the area because their presence seemed to provoke the residents. DeGive's reports includes footage of Charlestown resident chasing the media from the neighborhood. Pam Bullard reports on the atmosphere at Roxbury High School. Her report includes footage of interviews with Charles Ray (Headmaster, Roxbury High School) and Caroline Correia (student, Roxbury High School). Correia says that there is "no trouble" at Roxbury High School. Gary Griffith reports on police reaction to the increase in anti-busing violence and vandalism in the evenings. The report includes a photo of vandalism at the John F. Kennedy birthplace in Brookline. Graffiti in front of the house reads, "Bus Teddy." Judy Stoia reports on the atmosphere and programs at English High School. The report includes footage of interviews with English High School students, Chris Lane (Flexible Campus Coordinator, English High School) and Robert Peterkin (headmaster, English High School). Lane says that attendance has increased since yesterday. Peterkin talks about the tough academic standards at the school.

Contributor : Host
Ed Baumeister
Pam Bullard
Paul deGive
Greg Pilkington
Judy Stoia

Contributor : Reporter
Gary Griffith
Format : Tape 1479   Barcode   
3/4" cassette 77032 
Betacam cassette 101518 
VHS cassette 107464 
digital betacam cassette 107477 

Subject : Keywords
Busing for school integration - Federal law enforcement
Busing for school integration - Magnet schools
Busing for school integration - Police
Busing for school integration - Police patrol
Busing for school integration - Protest
Busing for school integration - School attendance
Busing for school integration - School faculty
Busing for school integration - School improvement programs
Busing for school integration - Students
Busing for school integration - Violence
Charlestown High School
English High School
Police - Arrests
Police patrol
Roxbury High School
School faculty

Subject : Personal Names
Baumeister, Ed
Bullard, Pam
Correia, Caroline
deGive, Paul
DiGrazia, Robert
Dunleavy, Steve
Fahey, Marion
Griffith, Gary
Harshbarger, Scott
Lane, Chris
Peterkin, Robert
Pilkington, Greg
Pottinger, J. Stanley
Ray, Charles
Reid, Dr. William
Stoia, Judy
White, Kevin

Subject : Corporate Names (Organization names)
Boston Police Department
Bunker Hill Housing Project
Committee Against Racism (CAR)
Harvard University
John F. Kennedy National Historic Site
John Hancock Mutual Insurance Company
MDC (Metropolitan District Commission) Police Department
State Street Bank
Tactical Patrol Force (TPF)
US Marshals

Subject : Geographic Locations
Brookline (Mass.)
Charlestown (Boston, Mass.)
Roxbury (Boston, Mass.)
South Boston (Boston, Mass.)

Type : Genre
News - Television

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