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Leona Pleas talks about busing in Boston
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Evening Compass broadcast
Original Airdate: 9/9/1975

Length: 00:41:24
Item Type: newstape - aircheck

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Description : Abstract
Evening Compass late edition newscast on the second day of school during Phase II desegregation of Boston Schools. Ed Baumeister and Paul deGive introduce the show and give attendance statistics. The introduction includes footage of Marion Fahey (Superintendent, Boston Public Schools) giving an upbeat statement on the opening of schools. Greg Pilkington reports on African American students who are bused into Charlestown. Pilkington's report includes interviews with Caroline Bell (local resident), Harietta Moore (local resident), Robert Kelley (student), Galina Davis(student), Georgia Carter (local resident), John Filadoro (bus driver), and Leona Pleas (bus monitor). Pilkington notes that the bus rides from the South End to Charlestown have been uneventful so far. Pilkington reports on a group of Roxbury parents who are urging other African American parents to send their children to Charlestown High School. Richard Gittens (transitional aide, Charlestown High School) reports that there are no problems at Charlestown High School. Pilkington interviews Nathaniel Jones (general counsel, NAACP) about school desegregation issues and busing in Boston. Jones says that segregated schools are harmful to both white students and African American students. Judy Stoia interviews Renee Burke (student, Hyde Park High School) and Donald McCarthy (student, Hyde Park High School) on their participation in a leadership program to lessen racial tension at Hyde Park High School. Stoia interviews Judy Rattash (First National Bank of Boston), Suzanne Kelly (Stonehill College) and Gail O'Reilly (teacher, Hyde Park High School) about Hyde Park High School programs in conjuction with Stonehill College and the First National Bank of Boston. Rattash, O'Reilly and Kelly talk about the programs available to Hyde Park High School students. DeGive reports that the Massachusetts Supreme Court failed to lift an injuction blocking the City of Boston from paying legal fees for the Boston Home and School Association's appeals of court-ordered busing. DeGive notes that the Home and School Association will seek private funding to continue the fight against the court order. Pam Bullard interviews John Coakley about magnet schools and the opening of schools across the city. Coakley says that public safety issues are being handled better this year than last year.

This tape has audible time code on track 2 and visible time code in the upper right corner.

Contributor : Host
Ed Baumeister
Pam Bullard
Paul deGive
Greg Pilkington
Judy Stoia

Contributor : Guests
Renee Burke
John Coakley
Richard Gittens
Nathaniel Jones
Suzanne Kelly
Donald McCarthy
Gail O'Reilly
Judy Rattash
Format : Tape 1396   Barcode   
3/4" cassette 101508 
3/4" cassette 100532 
VHS cassette 101660 
digital betacam cassette 83700 
Betacam cassette 88729 

Subject : Keywords
Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas
Busing for school integration - African Americans and
Busing for school integration - Law and legislation
Busing for school integration - Magnet schools
Busing for school integration - School attendance
Busing for school integration - School improvement programs
Busing for school integration - School management and organization
Busing for school integration - Students
Busing for school integration - Students
Charlestown High School
Hyde Park High School
Morgan v. Hennigan
Race relations
Universities and colleges

Subject : Personal Names
Baumeister, Ed
Bell, Caroline
Bullard, Pam
Burke, Renee
Carter, Georgia
Coakley, John
Davis, Galina
deGive, Paul
Fahey, Marion
Filadoro, John
Gittens, Richard
Jones, Nathaniel
Kelley, Robert
Kelly, Suzanne
McCarthy, Donald
Moore, Harietta
O'Reilly, Gail
Pilkington, Greg
Pleas, Leona
Quirico, Francis
Rattash, Judy
Stoia, Judy

Subject : Corporate Names (Organization names)
Boston Home and School Association
Boston School Department
First National Bank of Boston
Stonehill College

Subject : Geographic Locations
Charlestown, (Boston, Mass.)

Type : Genre
News - Television

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