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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
If you still have questions after reading the answers below, please contact us.

Can I buy copies of The Ten O'Clock News tapes?
No. Rights have not been cleared for distribution of these tapes. However, appointments can be made to visit the WGBH Archives in Boston, Massachusetts to conduct research. Educational institutions interested in obtaining copies of tapes for classroom use only may speak to the WGBH Archives to discuss options. Please see our access policies for more information or contact us.

How can I arrange to visit the WGBH Media Archives and Preservation Center?
Please contact the Director of the Media Archives and Preservation Center to arrange a visit. Individuals wishing to visit the Archives should have a research project in mind. Please see our access policies for further information.

Can you provide me with contact information for any of the people in the clips?
The WGBH Education Foundation cannot provide anyone with the names, addresses, telephone numbers or e-mail addresses of individuals, next of kin, estates, or related organizations for people who worked on The Ten O'Clock News or appeared on The Ten O'Clock News. To do so would violate WGBH's privacy policy.

Where can I get the QuickTime Player?
Please visit our tech help page.

I have found a factual error in one of the tape records. Who should I contact?
Please contact the Director of the Media Archives and Preservation Center as soon as possible. We will do our best to fix any factual errors in our content immediately. However, requests for enhancing content, such as including political positions or personal commentary cannot be honored.

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