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     Pam Bullard reviews the events of school desegregation in 1974

07/09/1974     John Kerrigan discusses his opposition to busing in Boston

09/09/1974     Pam Bullard reports on an anti-busing demonstration at City Hall Plaza

09/16/1974     Kevin White talks about anti-busing sentiment in South Boston

12/12/1974     An angry crowd gathers at South Boston High School following the stabbing of a student

09/03/1975     Mayor Kevin White calls for a safe opening of Boston public schools in 1975

09/05/1975     Police officers prepare to enforce court-ordered school desegregation in 1975

09/08/1975     Police presence on the streets of Charlestown on the first day of school in 1975

09/08/1975     South Boston High School students Kevin Davis, Eileen Sweeney and Joan McDonough in the WGBH studio

09/08/1975     Greg Pilkington reports on opening day at the Dearborn School in Roxbury

09/08/1975     Buses outside of Charlestown High School on the first day of school in 1975

09/08/1975     Frank Power talks about the opening day at Charlestown High School in 1975

09/09/1975     Leona Pleas talks about busing in Boston

09/09/1975     Paul deGive reports on a confrontation between anti-busing mothers and police in Charlestown

09/09/1975     Paul deGive interviews Father William Joy about busing in Charlestown

09/09/1975     Judy Stoia interviews English High School students about race relations at the school

09/10/1975     Peter Meade discusses the declining white enrollment in Boston Public Schools

09/10/1975     Gary Griffith reports on charges of police brutality in South Boston

09/10/1975     Gloria Conway and Mon O'Shea discuss violence in Charlestown

09/11/1975     Hyde Park residents express anti-busing sentiment

09/11/1975     Gary Griffith interviews TPF officers William Johnston, Val Williams and Kathy Fitzpatrick

09/12/1975     Judy Stoia reports on how busing has affected Boston's Chinese American community

01/27/1976     Steve Nevas interviews George Wallace about his presidential campaign

02/16/1976     Robert DiGrazia vows to crack down on violent and illegal anti-busing activity

03/26/1976     Pam Bullard reports on successful programs at the Tobin Elementary School

04/06/1976     Pam Bullard reports on reactions to the attack on Ted Landsmark at City Hall

04/07/1976     Theodore Landsmark condemns violence and racism after the attack at City Hall Plaza

04/23/1976     Judy Stoia interviews James Kelly about resistance to busing in Boston

04/23/1976     Cardinal Medeiros leads a prayer at the Procession Against Violence

05/06/1976     Louise Day Hicks proposes a curfew for teenagers in Boston

05/17/1976     Kevin White accuses the Boston School Committee of "total mismanagement"

06/14/1976     Elvira "Pixie" Palladino criticizes the US Supreme Court and forced busing

09/07/1976     Marion Fahey talks about the changes brought on by school desegregation in Boston

09/15/1976     Hugh Mullen and Terry Gaskill discuss racial tension at Hyde Park High School

09/17/1976     Jim Pardy discusses the successful integration of the Lewenberg School

11/01/1976     South Boston High School teachers discuss the atmosphere at the school in 1976

04/27/1977     E. Edward Clark speaks to students about the importance of education and respect for others

08/03/1977     African American beachgoers at Carson Beach in South Boston

12/06/1977     Andrew Young talks about his transition from the civil rights movement into politics

06/01/1978     Pam Bullard reports on the effect of desegregation on South Boston High School

09/13/1978     Charles Ray talks about the atmosphere at Roxbury High School

09/13/1978     Headmaster Charles Ray greets students in the hallway of Roxbury High School

11/07/1978     Edward Brooke concedes the 1978 Senate race to Paul Tsongas

10/12/1979     James Kelly accuses the media of ignoring "black on white violence"

10/19/1979     Bernadette Devlin McAliskey talks about Irish Americans and the busing crisis in Boston

10/29/1979     Michael Groden and Donald Luster at a clergy press conference

11/07/1979     Kevin White talks about race relations in Boston

10/21/1980     Willie Sanders discusses injustice in the legal system

03/26/1982     Dennis Brutus reads his poem "Sharpeville"

12/15/1982     Byron Rushing addresses a rent control demonstration at Boston City Hall

03/17/1983     Robert Peterkin discusses school desegregation in Boston

09/22/1983     Christy George interviews Andrew Young about foreign policy and African Americans in politics

10/06/1983     Jesse Jackson campaigns for Mel King in Boston

10/10/1983     Christopher Lydon analyzes voting patterns in "Black Boston"

10/13/1983     Mel King talks about school desegregation in Boston

11/06/1983     Joyce King talks about growing up in Boston's diverse South End neighborhood

11/07/1983     Mel King talks about politics and his philosophy of life

11/14/1983     Christopher Lydon examines differences and similarities between Ray Flynn and Mel King

11/15/1983     A panel discusses Ray Flynn's victory over Mel King in Boston's mayoral elections

01/02/1984     Elma Lewis' reaction to Ray Flynn's inauguration as Mayor of Boston

01/19/1984     Thomas Saltonstall speaks out against employment discrimination in Boston

02/03/1984     Christopher Lydon, Dennis Farney and Ken Bode interview Jesse Jackson

04/19/1984     Stevie Wonder speaks at Harvard Law School

09/06/1984     Loretta Roach talks about school desegregation ten years later

09/07/1984     John Kerry talks about winning the endorsement of the Black Political Task Force

10/01/1984     Mel King and the Rainbow Coalition call on voters to vote against Ronald Reagan

11/06/1984     Boyce Slayman talks about his opposition to Ronald Reagan

12/04/1984     Willard Johnson demands the resignation of the South African Consul in Boston

12/07/1984     State Senator George Bachrach is arrested for protesting apartheid

12/07/1984     Georgette Watson and Bruce Wall talk about the Drop-a-Dime Program

01/15/1985     Dr. Virgil Woods and Dr. Helen Edmonds discuss civil rights

04/04/1985     Jesse Jackson speaks out against apartheid at Harvard University

07/19/1985     Dr. Laval Wilson interviews for the post of superintendent of schools

07/31/1985     The Boston School Committee chooses Laval Wilson as Superintendent; Jack Robinson comments.

08/27/1985     Groundbreaking ceremony for Roxbury Community College campus; Gail Harris interviews Brunetta Wolfman.

09/23/1985     Judge Arthur Garrity talks about media coverage of busing in Boston

09/28/1985     Elvira "Pixie Palladino" talks about court-ordered busing in Boston

09/28/1985     Sandra Lynch talks about Boston's racially segregated schools prior to 1974

11/08/1985     Tufts students speak out against the university's investments in South Africa

02/28/1986     Derek Walcott discusses the poetry of Robert Penn Warren

05/28/1986     Sterling Anderson and ACORN members protest at the offices of the BRA

06/20/1986     David Boeri interviews Anne Wheelock and Robert Schwartz about the failure rate in Boston schools

07/01/1986     Journalists protest the arrest of Zwelakhe Sisulu in South Africa

07/02/1986     Marcus Jones talks to Tommy Harper about his complaint against the Boston Red Sox

07/21/1986     Marcus Jones interviews Ione Malloy about her book on the busing crisis in Boston

07/24/1986     Minister Don Mohammad speaks out against drug traffic in Roxbury

07/24/1986     Ray Flynn proposes to increase the number of Boston residents working in Boston jobs

08/14/1986     ACORN protesters demand more affordable housing from the Flynn administration

08/25/1986     Marcus Jones reports on controversy over political endorsements by the Black Political Task Force

09/05/1986     Protesters gather at Harvard University to protest US foreign policy

09/08/1986     Christopher Lydon reports on a controversy over contraceptives in schools

09/19/1986     Marcus Jones reports on the participation of minority developers in downtown construction

09/19/1986     Community leaders talk about the significance of the African Meeting House

10/01/1986     Robert Mugabe receives an honorary degree from UMass Amherst

10/13/1986     African American community leaders support proposal to incorporate Roxbury as its own city

10/17/1986     Jesse Jackson calls for increased spending on education and tuition aid

10/23/1986     Marcus Jones reports on senate race between Bill Owens and Royal Bolling, Sr.

10/30/1986     Marcus Jones reports on efforts to incorporate Roxbury as a separate city from Boston

11/05/1986     Ray Flynn proposes new development for Douglass Square in Roxbury

01/21/1987     Marcus Jones reports on differences among Boston School Committee members

02/11/1987     Hope Kelly reports on patient care at the Codman Square Health Center

02/13/1987     Brandeis chaplains and students protest university investments in South Africa

02/18/1987     Marcus Jones reports on Black History Month programs at the Franklin Park Zoo

04/17/1987     Meg Vaillancourt reports on the spread of AIDS in minority communities

04/30/1987     Elevated tracks along MBTA orange line are slated for destruction

05/12/1987     Marcus Jones reports on Laval Wilson's proposal to improve education in Boston schools

05/13/1987     Princess Zenani and Prince Thumbumuzi Dlamini at a press conference

05/21/1987     Dianne Wilkerson and Bernard Sneed talk about delegate elections in Ward 7

05/22/1987     Hope Kelly reports on racial controversy surrounding a rowing race in South Boston

05/28/1987     David Boeri reports on the trial of five Harvard alumni for protesting apartheid

06/16/1987     Muriel Snowden wins a MacArthur Fellowship

08/03/1987     Callie Crossley reports on a proposal to allow for AIDS testing by insurance companies

09/11/1987     Women and minorities lead opposition to Robert Bork's nomination

09/29/1987     Marcus Jones reports on integration at the Lee Elementary School

09/29/1987     David Boeri reports on desegregation at the Marshall Elementary School

10/01/1987     John Wilson talks about his sculpture, "Eternal Presence"

10/12/1987     Jesse Jackson campaigns for president in New Hampshire

10/23/1987     Marcus Jones reports on school desegregation in Lynn, Massachusetts

10/26/1987     Christy George reports on student enrollment plans in the cities of Cambridge and Lowell

11/04/1987     Bruce Bolling and Charles Weeks hope for an African American mayor of Boston

11/19/1987     David Boeri reports on an increase in violence against Asian immigrants

11/20/1987     Annie Johnson receives a Living Legacy Award

11/24/1987     Fritz Wetherbee talks to Katie Portis about Women, Inc.

12/01/1987     Excerpts from interviews with Floyd Barbour and James Baldwin

01/12/1988     James Kelly and Ray Flynn at a South Boston meeting on public housing integration

01/18/1988     Henry Hampton calls for more campus activism in an address at Boston University

03/01/1988     James Kelly announces an alternative housing plan at a community meeting in South Boston.

03/29/1988     Bruce Bolling and Gloria Fox voice their support for Jesse Jackson

03/31/1988     Christy George reports on the final redistricting plan for the Massachusetts House of Representatives

04/04/1988     James Farmer speaks at a ceremony in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.

04/07/1988     Political analysts discuss Jackson's role in the Dukakis campaign

04/25/1988     State legislators consider total divestment from South Africa

04/29/1988     Betty Meredith and Michael Kane talk about Tent City

05/09/1988     Jack Robinson proposes a voluntary school uniform program for the Boston Public Schools

05/10/1988     Harvard Law students occupy the dean's office to protest the lack of minority faculty

05/17/1988     Christy George reports on a discrimination suit filed against the Boston Housing Authority

06/15/1988     Marcus Jones talks to Donald Polk and local residents about African American leadership

06/21/1988     Hope Kelly interviews Barbara Arnwine about housing desegregation in Boston

06/24/1988     Mamie Till Mobley receives a lifetime activism award

07/13/1988     Reverend Earl Jackson opposes the plan to desegregate public housing in Boston

07/18/1988     Christy George reports from the 1988 Democratic Convention in Atlanta

07/19/1988     Sam Fleming reports on efforts to reform voter registration in Massachusetts

08/22/1988     Roxbury residents demand increased police protection in the wake of street violence

08/23/1988     Elma Lewis talks about her Roxbury neighborhood

08/23/1988     Charles Laquidara organizes a boycott against Shell Oil Company

08/25/1988     Jesse Jackson's supporters criticize the Dukakis presidential campaign

09/20/1988     Marcus Jones and Walter Little walk through the Grove Hall district of Roxbury

09/27/1988     Barbara Harris is elected as the first female Bishop of the Episcopal Church

10/06/1988     African American leaders believe that candidates are ignoring minority issues in the campaign

10/18/1988     Carmen Fields interviews Dr. Kenneth Clark about school desegregation and race

10/24/1988     Meg Vaillancourt reports on visits to Boston by Jesse Jackson and Lenora Fulani

10/25/1988     Alvin Poussaint talks about racism in the 1988 presidential campaign

10/27/1988     Members of Boston's African American community voice their support for Bush

11/15/1988     Andrew Young and NAACP members criticize George Bush

11/30/1988     Deborah Wang reports on the Failure to Thrive Clinic at the Boston City Hospital

01/16/1989     African American school committee members criticize Flynn's school choice plan

01/17/1989     Reverend Allan Boesak calls for sanctions against South Africa

02/01/1989     Members of the Dorchester Youth Collaborative speak out against violence

02/06/1989     Sadiki Kambon accuses police of excessive violence in the wake of the Donald Johnson shooting

02/15/1989     Marcus Jones reports on the debate over the terms "black" and "African American"

02/24/1989     Shirley Owens Hicks, Byron Rushing and Louis Elisa talk about cuts to the state budget

03/09/1989     Harvard alumni nominate Desmond Tutu for the Harvard University Board of Overseers

03/27/1989     Jack McDevitt gives a seminar on hate crimes in Boston

04/11/1989     The families of Chaney, Goodman and Schwerner attend the Black/Jewish Seder

04/21/1989     Kay George Roberts talks about her career as an orchestral conductor

04/25/1989     Lee Atwater visits Massachusetts for a Republican Party fundraiser

04/25/1989     Jesse Jackson addresses students at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government

05/15/1989     The Consortium of Minority Business Enterprises promote minority set-aside programs

05/18/1989     Marcus Jones interviews Douglas Wilder at the African Meeting House

06/15/1989     Meg Vaillancourt reports on affirmative action in the Boston Fire Department

06/26/1989     Non-union workers are barred from participating in the Boston Harbor Cleanup project

07/07/1989     City officials propose Parcel 18 as the new headquarters for the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority

08/01/1989     Deborah Wang reports on a proposal to return confiscated drug money to the community

08/08/1989     Marcus Jones reports on Ray Flynn's proposal to replace the present school committee

08/09/1989     Meg Vaillancourt reports on the South End Little League championship

08/15/1989     Jesse Jackson supports striking Nynex workers at a rally on City Hall Plaza

08/31/1989     Meg Vaillancourt reports on a study accusing Boston banks of engaging in redlining

09/12/1989     The Imani Institute aims to provide a good education for African American students

10/06/1989     The Dorchester Youth Collaborative is a model community center for urban youth

10/06/1989     Carmen Fields interviews Shirley Caesar

11/08/1989     Ralph Abernathy visits Boston to promote his book on Martin Luther King

11/21/1989     The Massachusetts Civil Liberties Union files a class-action lawsuit on behalf of minority youth

12/15/1989     Graylan-Ellis Hagler proposes alternative policing tactics in Roxbury

12/28/1989     Hope Kelly interviews Gus Newport about proposals to encourage investment in Roxbury

01/02/1990     William Celester and Graylan Ellis-Hagler differ on police tactics in Roxbury

01/05/1990     African American community leaders are enraged over the handling of the Stuart murder case

01/08/1990     City and state officials proclaim "Glory Day" in Massachusetts

01/15/1990     Banks agree to improve access to banking services in low-income neighborhoods

01/15/1990     Julian Bond is a visiting lecturer at Harvard University

01/15/1990     Christopher Lydon interviews Sarah Small

01/22/1990     Dan Quayle talks about racial harmony in the wake of the Stuart murder

02/02/1990     Aggrey Mbere talks about South Africa and his exile in the US

02/14/1990     Controversy surrounds the Boston School Committee's decision to fire Laval Wilson

02/19/1990     Frank Roberts, George Hardy and others recall their experiences as Tuskegee Airmen

02/26/1990     Carl DiMaiti discusses the creation of the Carol DiMaiti Stuart Foundation

02/28/1990     Marcus Jones reports on Bobby Seale's visit to Boston University

03/20/1990     Jan von Mehren talks to students school desegregation and race relations

04/18/1990     Louis Elisa talks about African American participation in the environmental movement

05/14/1990     Artist Sidewalk Sam works with Boston schoolchildren to create a mural

05/29/1990     Carl Elliot is awarded the first Profile in Courage Award at the JFK Library

06/19/1990     Marcus Jones reports on a controversy over faculty integration and teacher layoffs

06/21/1990     David Boeri interviews South African exile Teko Manong

06/22/1990     Marcus Jones reports on efforts to prepare for Mandela's visit to Boston

06/25/1990     Nelson Mandela visits Madison Park High School

07/12/1990     Laurence Jones talks about the importance of summer jobs for Boston youth

08/15/1990     Reverend Eugene Rivers calls on religious groups to help troubled youth

09/04/1990     Marcus Jones interviews Alicia Hilliard about media coverage of the Persian Gulf War

09/12/1990     John Silber speaks to the media and Roxbury residents

09/12/1990     Marcus Jones reports on negative media coverage of the Roxbury community

10/22/1990     Winnie Mandela speaks at the Twelfth Baptist Church

11/21/1990     David Boeri talks to young teens talk about the curfew proposal and gang activity

12/03/1990     Derrick Bell takes a leave of absence to protest the lack of minority faculty at Harvard Law

12/13/1990     The Paul Robeson Institute provides positive role models for African American boys

12/18/1990     Teenagers at the Dorchester Counseling Center create an anti-violence video

12/19/1990     Rebecca Rollins interviews Franklin Tucker and local youth about why teenagers carry guns

12/21/1990     Graylan Ellis-Hagler and Roxbury construction workers picket construction site

01/14/1991     Jesse Jackson speaks out against war on the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.

01/21/1991     Carmen Fields reports on African American soldiers in the Persian Gulf War

01/30/1991     Hattie Dudley and Graylan Ellis-Hagler lead protest against needle exchange program

02/25/1991     Alex Haley talks about Black History Month

02/27/1991     Harvey Mansfield and Orlando Patterson talk about African American Studies at Harvard

03/04/1991     Hope Kelly interviews Sally Greenberg about the increase in anti-semitic hate crimes

03/28/1991     Controversy surrounds David Duke's visit to Boston

03/28/1991     Avi Nelson and Dianne Wilkerson talk about quotas and civil rights

03/29/1991     Alexandra Marks interviews businessmen Derek Jeter and William Singleton

03/29/1991     Carmen Fields interviews Richard Taylor about the Republican Party and affirmative action

04/03/1991     James Williams protests lack of minority faculty at MIT

04/03/1991     Meg Vaillancourt reports on the annual Black/Jewish Seder supper

04/15/1991     Tom Plant organizes a Patriots Day celebration in Roxbury

04/22/1991     Carmen Fields interviews Libertarian candidate Richard Boddie

05/01/1991     Reverend Graylan Ellis-Hagler announces his candidacy for mayor of Boston

05/22/1991     William Pinkney talks about his quest to sail the five capes of the world

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