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There Is Always Another Way: A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Waste
Program 1009
Original Airdate: 11/23/1979

Subject Keywords
Afro-American children
Afro-American students
Alternative education
Community schools
Public schools

Subject Genre
Public Affairs: Current Events

Personal Names
Cook, Angela Paige
Cook, Joe, Jr.
Hart, Dr. Philip
King, Joyce
Snowden, Joyce
Thibodeau, Sylvia

Corporate Names
Black Ghetto Theatre Company - Boston - Massachusetts
Paige Academy - Roxbury - Massachusetts
Roxbury Community School - Roxbury - Massachusetts
St. Joseph's Community School - Boston - Massachusetts

Program Description
Program explores three schools identified by the comunity as viable alternative choices to Boston's public schools: Roxbury Community School, St. Joseph's Community School (supported by the Archdiocese of Boston), and Paige Academy (a private school operating via tuition). Program features on-location, documentary-style interviews with Dr. Philip Hart (professor at the University of Massachusetts and former director of the Federation for Boston Community Schools, the parent organization for Roxbury Community School), Cecilia Ware (a veteran teacher at Roxbury Community School), Joyce Snowden (Educational Coordinator for Roxbury Community School), Michele Marrow (K-1 tyeacher at Roxbury Community School), Joyce King (Acting Principal for St. Joseph's Community School), Idella Hill (fourth grade teacher, St. Joseph's Community School), Angela Paige Cook (Director of Paige Academy), Kim Archung, Fauzia Ahmed, and Lauen Lee (teachers with Paige Academy), and Joe Cook, Jr. (Administrative Producer, Paige Academy), on why alternative schools are needed, how parent involvement factors into alternative schooling, how alternative schools operate, and what classroom enrichment they provide. Includes footage from a 1975 interview with Sister Sylvia Thibodeau, St. Joseph's first principal, in which she talks about the philosophy of the school.

Barbara Barrow-Murray

Associate Producer
Beth Deare

Brian Clarke

Producer's Group, Inc. (producer - segment)
Susan Brennan (post-production audio)
Nancy Carey (intern)
Vern Coleman (post-production audio)
Dennis Correia (videotape recordist)
Doug Devitt (videotape recordist)
Renee Harriston (intern)
Rebecca Hill (fashion consultant)
Bill Johnson (video)
Nat Johnson (post-production audio)
Webster Lewis (theme music)
Roger Macie (video)
Gene Mackles (graphic designer)
Celenia Melendez (intern)
Carmen Morales (production secretary)
Lee Smith (camera)
David St. Onge (videotape recordist)
Don White (video)
Evelyn Wong (production assistant)

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Preservation master digital beta cassette AP-01413
Preservation master beta SP cassette AP-01413A
Viewing copy 3/4" cassette 2285-60
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