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Deal with China, A
Program 925
Original Airdate: 7/20/1979

Subject Keywords
United States - Relations - China

Subject Genre
Public Affairs: Current Events

Personal Names
Hwang, Thomas
Lee, Susanne
Lee, Yon
Liu, Michael
Ma, Ying
Wong, Peter H.F.

Corporate Names
Chinese Cultural Center - Boston - Massachusetts
Chinese People's Progressive Association
New England Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association

Program Description
Program examines the divided reaction of Boston's Chinese American community to United States-China normalization (through President Carter's December 15, 1978 announcement recognizing the People's Republic of China and the establishment of diplomatic relations). Show features a point-counter-point segment between Michael Liu, a member of the Chinese People's Progressive Association and pro-normalization advocate, and Ying Ma, a student from Taiwan attending Harvard Law School who is pro-Taiwan / anti-normalization. Program includes additional on-location interviews conducted by Evelyn Wong, with Peter H.F. Wong (President of the New England Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association), Susanne Lee (active community member of the Chinese People's Progressive Association), Yon Lee (Director of the Chinese Cultural Center, Boston), and attorney Thomas Hwang.

Barbara Barrow-Murray

Associate Producer
Beth Deare
Evelyn Wong

Brian Clarke

Barbara Barrow-Murray

Michael Liu
Ying Ma

Marce Beres (intern)
Susan Brennan (audio)
Basil Chigas (stage manager)
Brian Clarke (director - program segment)
David Crane (videotape recordist)
Leo Demers (videotape recordist)
Doug Devitt (videotape recordist)
Diana Fong (intern)
Keith Handyside (video)
Rebecca Hill (fashion consultant)
David Hutton (videotape recordist)
Nat Johnson (audio)
Pat Kane (videotape recordist)
Tiit Koppel (lighting assistant)
Webster Lewis (theme music)
Gene Mackles (graphic designer)
Fran Mahard (scenic design)
Milan Merhar (videotape recordist)
Robert Moore (intern)
John L. Plausse (lighting director)
George Rivera (director - program segment)
George Rivera (post-production supervisor)
Kathy Smith (switcher)
Lee Smith (camera)
David St. Onge (videotape recordist)
Skip Wareham (camera)
Evelyn Wong (reporter)
Evelyn Wong (production assistant)

PBS master 2" videotape A2-00986
Preservation master digital beta cassette AP-01588
Preservation master beta SP cassette (item number not yet assigned)
Viewing copy 3/4" cassette 2012-60
Viewing copy VHS cassette (item number not yet assigned)

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