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Case of Justice, A (Pt. 2)
Program 923
Original Airdate: 7/6/1979

Subject Keywords
Afro-American prisoners - Attitudes
Afro-American prisoners - Massachusetts
Afro-American women
Discrimination in criminal justice administration

Subject Genre
Public Affairs: Current Events

Personal Names
Carney, Saundra
Gaines, Larry
Jamal, Hakim
Kamau, Dinizulu (Efrid Brown, Jr.)
Key, Philip
Sabree, Abdullah Khalil (William Johnson)

Corporate Names
De Mau Mau

Program Description
Part two of Say Brother's discussion of the harsh sentencing of African Americans in the Massachusetts court system. Program focuses on the history of the De Mau Mau (a Black Panthers-type group organized by African American veterans returning from the Vietnam War) and the five Boston-based De Mau Mau members convicted in the murder of Hakim Jamal. In documentary format, Barbara Barrow-Murray speaks with Philip Key (Boston's De Mau Mau leader), Walpole inmates Dinizulu Kamau and Abdullah Khalil Sabree (convicted of Jamal's murder) and Mrs. Gaskin ("Mama G.," mother of the appointed De Mau Mau leader after Key went into hiding) about the De Mau Mau, the events of the day Jamal was murdered, and the legal battle that followed. Program includes brief commentary by Larry Gaines (Chairman of the Citywide Coalition for Justice and Equality) and Saundra Carney (Coordinator for Brown, Clinkscales and Johnson Support Committee).

Barbara Barrow-Murray

Associate Producer
Beth Deare

Brian Clarke

Ron Buccheri (switcher)
Dennis Correia (videotape recordist)
Leo Demers (videotape recordist)
Doug Devitt (videotape recordist)
Diana Fong (researcher)
Diana Fong (intern)
Nat Johnson (audio)
Bronislaw Krol (video)
Webster Lewis (theme music)
Milan Merhar (videotape recordist)
Robert Moore (intern)
George Rivera (post-production supervisor)
Lee Smith (camera)
Evelyn Wong (production assistant)

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Original footage 1/2" reel-to-reel videotape 1367-30
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Preservation master digital beta cassette AP-01437
Preservation master beta SP cassette AP-01437A
Viewing copy 3/4" cassette 1973-60
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