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Changing Face of Chinatown, The
Program 907
Original Airdate: 12/1/1978

Subject Keywords
Urban renewal

Subject Genre
Public Affairs: Current Events

Personal Names
Boelter, Alice
Chan, Peter
Leung, Jane
Moy, Ruth
Murnane, Thomas
Tong, May Ling
Yee, Jim

Corporate Names
Boston Chinese YES
Boston Redevelopment Authority
Chinese Economic Development Council - Boston - Massachusetts
Golden Age Center
Lafayette Place - Boston - Massachusetts
Park Plaza - Boston - Massachusetts
Quincy Community Council
Tufts University

Program Description
Program focuses on recent physical developments occurring within and around Boston's Chinatown neighborhood, namely the construction of the Tufts-New England Medical Center, Lafayette Place, and Park Plaza. Say Brother researcher Eileen Yang speaks with Jane Leung (of the Boston Chinese YES), Peter Chan (manager, Little City Hall), May Ling Tong (of the Chinese Economic Development Council), Alice Boelter (of the Boston Redevelopment Authority), Jim Yee (of Quincy Community Council), and Thomas Murnane (Vice-President, Tufts University) about their perspectives on the pending construction, how it will affect the growth of Chinatown, and whether or not it will negatively impact the community. All interviews shot on location. Considered a one-hour documentary special.
Executive Producer
Barbara Barrow-Murray

Eileen Yang

Associate Producer
George Rivera

Eileen Yang

Nancy Carey (intern)
Brian Clarke (assistant director)
Vern Coleman (audio)
Leo Demers (videotape recordist)
Bill Fairweather (video)
Carol Hugentugler (videotape recordist)
Webster Lewis (theme music)
Greg MacDonald (camera)
Gene Mackles (graphic designer)
John MacKnight (videotape recordist)
Wil Morton (audio)
Lee Smith (camera)
Aubrey Stewart (video)
Bob Wilson (camera)

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Original footage 2" videotape A0-00833
Preservation master digital beta cassette AP-01458
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