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Alternative Medicine
Program 827
Original Airdate: 5/12/1978

Subject Keywords
Alternative medicine
Transcendental Meditation

Subject Genre
Public Affairs: Current Events

Personal Names
Nates, Barbara A.
Shen, Dr. John
Shih, Dr. Whei Chue
West, Don

Program Description
Program explores two non-Western methods of healthcare and healing: acupuncture and transcendental meditation. Host Barbara Barrow-Murray speaks with Don West, a national representative of the transcendental meditation movement, in the first half of the program, and with John Shen (doctor of Chinese medicine), Barbara A. Nates (an acupuncture consumer representative), and Dr. Whei Chue Shih (acupuncturist), members of the Oriental Acupuncture Center of Boston, in the second. Topics include the health benefits of meditation, the training of Chinese doctors, the use of herbs, and the differences between eastern and western approaches to illness. Program includes an in-studio demonstration of acupuncture.

Barbara Barrow-Murray

Associate Producer
Melvin Moore

David Atwood

Barbara Barrow-Murray

Barbara A. Nates
Dr. John Shen
Dr. Whei Chue Shih
Don West

Bruce Bordett (stage manager)
Ron Buccheri (switcher)
Marvin Clark (intern)
Brian Clarke (assistant director)
Mary Cronin (audio)
Leo Demers (videotape recordist)
Rebecca Hill (fashion consultant)
Danny Horne (intern)
Ann LaBillois (intern)
Webster Lewis (theme music)
Gene Mackles (graphic designer)
Fran Mahard (scenic design)
Milan Merhar (videotape recordist)
Chas Norton (lighting assistant)
George Rivera (production assistant)
Iris Rosenthal (assistant cameraman)
Kathy Smith (switcher)
David St. Onge (videotape recordist)
Aubrey Stewart (video)
John L. Sullivan (lighting director)
Skip Wareham (camera)
Bob Wilson (camera)
Eileen Yang (researcher)

Master (WGBH program) 2" videotape (item number not yet assigned)
Preservation master beta SP cassette AP-01420
Preservation master digital beta cassette AP-01420A
Viewing copy 3/4" cassette 1325-60

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