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Can the Sun Be Your Enemy ?
Program 803
Original Airdate: 9/23/1977

Subject Keywords
Abortion - Government policy - Views
Afro-American musicians
Afro-American psychologists
Afro-Americans in television broadcasting
Indians of North America - Newspapers
Music - Performance
Television broadcasting of news

Subject Genre
Public Affairs: Current Events

Personal Names
Aladjem, Henrietta
Brown, Warren
Davis, Stanton
Drummey, James
Frazier, Dr. Patricia
Gamble, Niki Nichols
Hayes, Jack
Hooks, Benjamin
Jefferson, Dr. Mildred
Pouissant, Dr. Alvin
Sprecher, Susan

Corporate Names
Circle, The (newspaper)
Ghetto Mysticism Band (musical group)
Sun Is My Enemy, The (book)

Program Description
Program consists of a number of magazine-style segments, including a Stephen Curwood interview with Dr. Patricia Frazier (of Robert B. Brigham Hospital) and Henrietta Aladjem (author of the book, The Sun Is My Enemy) on the disease lupus, two studio performances by Stanton Davis and the Ghetto Mysticism Band (who perform "Funkified Tofu" and "Crescent Gypsies"), an "Open Platform" debate moderated by Melvin Moore on whether or not Massachusetts should fund Medicaid abortions (with debaters Dr. Mildred Jefferson, President of the both the Massachusetts and the National Right to Life committees, and Niki Nichols Gamble, Executive Director of the Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts, and panel reporters James Drummey, news editor of Review of The News magazine and Susan Sprecher of WBCN Radio), the "Say Brother News" with Karen Holmes, Margaret Tarter, Leah Fletcher, Eric Sampedro, and Tanya Hart, and the "Community Calendar." Tarter's report features an interview with Jack Hayes, editor of The Circle (a Boston paper for Native American residents); Fletcher's report features an interview with Dr. Alvin Pouissant, who discusses "Black on Black" violence and the reasons for it.
Executive Producer
Barbara Barrow

Barbara Barrow

Associate Producer
Melvin Moore

David DeBarger

Stephen Curwood
Melvin Moore
Eric Sampedro

Henrietta Aladjem
James Drummey
Dr. Patricia Fraser
Niki Nichols Gamble
Dr. Mildred Jefferson
Susan Sprecher

Ghetto Mysticism Band, The (musical group)
Stanton Davis (musician)

Marvin Clark (intern)
June Cross (assistant director)
Leah Fletcher (reporter)
Tanya Hart (reporter)
Karen Holmes (reporter)
George Rivera (production assistant)
Margaret Tarter (reporter)
Eileen Yang (researcher)

Master (WGBH program) 2" videotape A2-03355
Original footage 3/4" cassette (item number not yet assigned)
Preservation master digital beta cassette AB-01434
Preservation master beta SP cassette AB-01434A
Viewing copy 3/4" cassette 3900-60
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