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Blues Ain't Nothing But a Poem, The
Program 703
Original Airdate: 10/29/1976

Subject Keywords
Afro-American poets
Oral interpretation of poetry

Subject Genre
Public Affairs: Current Events

Personal Names
Goodwin, Everett

Program Description
Program consists of an interview with Washington, DC poet and playwright Everett Goodwin. Host Barbara Barrow speaks with Goodwin about the ideas behind his poems, how he started writing and getting published, and issues related to the production of his upcoming play. Program includes Goodwin's readings from his book of poems The Blues Ain't Nothing But a Poem, including, "Loving Nothing But The Blues," "To A Down and Out Brother," "Love Poem for Shauna," and "Ode to Reefer"). Program includes the "Community Calendar."

Barbara Barrow

Associate Producer
Conrad White

Josef Filipowic

Henry Johnson

Barbara Barrow

Everett Goodwin

Tom Balhatchet (audio editor)
Patricia Berg (assistant cameraman)
Brian Clarke (assistant to the producer)
June Cross (production assistant)
Leo Demurs (videotape editor)
Keith Handyside (video)
Rebecca Hill (fashion consultant)
Dick Holden (camera)
Harvey Hudson (audio)
Pat Kane (videotape recordist)
Tiit Koppel (lighting assistant)
Sharon Kramer (graphic designer)
Fran Mahard (scenic design)
Milan Merhar (videotape editor)
Huntley Nicholas Jr. (film sound)
Chas Norton (lighting director)
Alfredo Portilla (assistant cameraman)
Kathy Smith (switcher)
Lee Smith (camera)
Kaisan Tsiang (assistant cameraman)
Skip Wareham (stage manager)

Master (WGBH program) 2" videotape A2-03324
Original footage 3/4" cassette (item number not yet assigned)
Preservation master beta SP cassette AB-00166A
Preservation master D3 cassette AD3-00542A
Viewing copy 3/4" cassette 413-30
Viewing copy 3/4" cassette 2704-30

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