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Dream Deferred, A
Program 625
Original Airdate: 8/23/1976

Subject Keywords
Afro-Americans in motion pictures
Afro-Americans - Social conditions - 1964-1975
Social problems in motion pictures
Southern States in motion pictures
Television broadcasting of films

Subject Genre
Public Affairs: Current Events

Corporate Names
Sanola (motion picture)

Program Description
Program focuses on the African American experience in Natchez, Mississippi, in 1965 via a broadcast of Sanola, a black and white documentary film produced by Ed Pincus and Donald Neuman, and distributed by Cambridgeport Film Corporation. Living in poverty, Sanola (jokingly called "X Jr." by friends) is filmed interacting with other African American Natchez residents and neighborhood children. A former tree surgeon, Sanola is now a disoriented and disillusioned alcoholic. He discusses poverty, welfare, work, child abuse at the hand of his mother, and his household. Additional segments include the "Community Calendar" and a narrated segment in which associate producer Barbara Barrow states that next season, Say Brother will broaden its perspective to include all Third World people.

Marita Muhammad Rivero

Associate Producer
Barbara Barrow

Conrad White

Dighton Spooner

Lydia Allen (intern)
Wendell Bourne (intern)
Kissette Bundy (intern)
Brian Clarke (intern)
June Cross (production assistant)
Dave Hutton (videotape editor)
Nat Johnson (audio)
Pat Kane (videotape recordist)
Pat Kane (videotape editor)
Sharon Kramer (graphic designer)
Dighton Spooner (researcher)
Don White (video)

Master (WGBH program) 2" videotape A2-03321
Preservation master digital beta cassette AB-01675A
Preservation master beta SP cassette AB-01676
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