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Education, Part 2
Program 605
Original Airdate: 2/15/1976

Subject Keywords
Afro-American school superintendents
Afro-American theater
Afro-American women
Afro-Americans - Attitudes
Afro-Americans - Education - Boston - Massachusetts
Students - Rating of

Subject Genre
Public Affairs: Current Events

Personal Names
Bolt, Jeannette
Brim, Jon
Clemens, Kenya
Pouissant, Dr. Alvin
Sizemore, Barbara
Spence, Gregory

Corporate Names
Minority Child's Day, A (theatrical production)

Program Description
Host Barbara Barrow discusses the lack of communication between educators and students in the Boston school district, with community members Gregory Spence (an attorney for the City of Boston), Kenya Clemens (of the Youth Activities Commission), Jeannette Bolt (playwright and author of A Minority Child's Day), and Dr. Alvin Pouissant (noted psychiatrist and Harvard professor). Issues addressed include the different social backgrounds of educators and students, Black English in the classroom, the role of standardized achievement tests in student evaluations, and the need for more humanity in the classroom. Also included in the program are "man on the street" interviews conducted by Associate Producer Vickie Jones (in which she asks people their opinion of African American schools with white educators and whether or not Black children should be taught by Black teachers), an interview with Barbara Sizemore conducted by Jon Brim (on the problems of the Washington, DC school system and Sizemore's experiences as a former Superintendent of Schools there), an excerpt from a filmed performance of Bolt's play A Minority Child's Day; and the "Community Calendar."

Marita Muhammad Rivero

Associate Producer
Barbara Barrow

Conrad White

Henry Johnson

Dighton Spooner

Barbara Barrow
Jon Brim

Jeannette Bolt
Kenya Clemens
Dr. Alvin Pouissant
Barbara Sizemore
Gregory Spence

Jane Alessi (actor)
Jeffrina Berry (actor)
Jeannette Bolt (actor)
Lloyd Cogell (actor)
Loretta Devibe (actor)
Patricia Gibson (actor)
Randy Haynes (actor)
Michelle Hill (actor)
David Palmer (actor)
Billy Shipley (actor)
Deborah Templin (actor)
Robert Vines (actor)

Barbara Barrow (director - program segment)
Tony Davis (production assistant)
Patricia Gibson (assistant director)
Rebecca Hill (wardrobe)
David Palmer (make-up)
Dighton Spooner (researcher)

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