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Say Brother News #2
Program 423
Original Airdate: 5/1/1975

Subject Keywords
Afro-American college students - Political activity
AFro-American lawyers
Afro-American musicians
Afro-American politicians
Afro-Americans in television - Boston - Massachusetts
Capital punishment
Housing rehabilitation
Jazz musicians
Press conferences
Television broadcasting of news

Subject Genre
Public Affairs: Current Events

Personal Names
Bond, Julian
Burke, Yvonne
Gill, Ronnie
Kendall, Winston
Owens, Bill

Corporate Names
Alliance for Economic Justice - Boston - Massachusetts
American Woman Festival - Boston - Massachusetts (1975)
National Conference on Black Lawyers (1975)
Roxbury Defenders

Program Description
Program, in a news-broadcast format, reviews the events of April, 1975 with anchors James Rowe and Carmen Fields, news reporter "at large" Leah Fletcher, in-studio interviewer Russell Tillman, arts reviewer Tanya Hart, special reporter June Cross, and commentator Dighton Spooner. Program features a special reports on State Senator Bill Owens's press conference in April (in which he discussed capital punishment legislation pending in the Senate), the "American Woman" festival held at Jordan Marsh department store in Boston, decisions made by Housing Court Judge Paul Garrity (on renovating the housing projects under the Boston Housing Authority), Julian Bond's recent traveling of the political circuit in Massachusetts to "drum up" support for a presidential campaign, the Alliance for Economic Justice's meeting to protest the governor's cutback in welfare benefits, an interview with Winston Kendall of the Roxbury Defenders (about the upcoming conference organized by the National Conference on Black Lawyers called "Resist to Exist"), the picketing of the president's office at Boston University by students (over the current dean and his poor management of the Black Talent Program), the United States Bicentennial events on Patriots' Day at John Elliot Square, and an interview with jazz musician Ronnie Gill.

Barbara Barrow
Marita Rivero

Associate Producer
Conrad White

Dighton Spooner

Carmen Fields
James Rowe

Ronnie Gill
Winston Kendall

Lloyd Cogell (still photography)
June Cross (reporter)
June Cross (community coordinator)
Stephen Farrier (community coordinator)
Leah Fletcher (reporter)
Tanya Hart (reporter)
Vickie Jones (production assistant)
Rick Lawson (researcher)
Rick Lawson (community coordinator)
David Loerzel (cameraman)
Jack Shipley (still photography)
Dighton Spooner (researcher)
Russell Tillman (reporter)

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Preservation master beta SP cassette AP-01555A
Viewing copy 3/4" cassette 3291
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