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Framingham: Who's Gonna Take the Weight ?
Program 422
Original Airdate: 4/17/1975

Subject Keywords
Correctional institutions - Massachusetts
Criminals - Rehabilitation
Early release programs
Inprisonment - Psychological aspects
Women prisoners

Subject Genre
Public Affairs: Current Events

Personal Names
Hall, Frank
Lifsey, Antoinette
Palmer, Robert
Richards, Lester
Shaw, Sarah-Ann
Spellman, A.B.

Corporate Names
Charlotte House Pre-Release Center - Dorchester - Massachusetts
Massachusetts Correctional Institution at Framingham - Framingham - Massachusetts
Massachusetts Correctional Institution at Walpole - Walpole - Massachusetts

Program Description
Program focuses on the Massachusetts corrections system, with a particular emphasis on MCI Framingham. Host Sarah-Ann Shaw leads a discussion between Frank Hall (Corrections Commissioner for the State of Massachusetts), Robert Palmer (Chairman of the Governor's Advisory Committee on Corrections), Lester Richards (an inmate at Framingham who was transferred from Walpole), and Antoinette Lifsey (Public Relations Director for Women, Inc.) about the differences between MCI Framingham and MCI Walpole, the policies of both the Department of Corrections and the Governor's Advisory Committee, work-release programs, the need for improvements in the "everyday" life of inmates, and the lack of progress, as perceived by Shaw, Richards and Lifsey. Additional segments include an on-location interview at Framingham conducted by Barbara Barrow with inmates Shirley Lewis, Lester Richards, Iris Grice, Ruth L. Willis, and Robert G. Owens, "Access" (on the Charlotte House Pre-Release Center in Dorchester), "Information" (on community acceptance of halfway houses), the "Community Calendar," and "Commentary" by Producer Marita Rivero on the 1/2" videotape format (that made the Framingham shoot possible).

Marita Muhammad Rivero

Associate Producer
Barbara Barrow

Conrad White

Dighton Spooner

Sarah-Ann Shaw

Frank Hall
Antoinette Lifsey
Robert Palmer
Lester Richards
A.B. Spellman

Boston Art Ensemble (theme music)
Tom Balhatchet (engineer)
Bruce Bordett (studio technician)
Ron Buccheri (studio technician)
Bill Charette (studio technician)
Basil Chigas (studio technician)
Dennis Correia (engineer)
David Crane (videotape engineer)
June Cross (community coordinator)
Bill Fairweather (engineer)
Stephen Farrier (community coordinator)
Michael Floyd (studio technician)
Keith Handyside (engineer)
Arthur Henry (videotape engineer)
Dick Holden (studio technician)
David Hutton (videotape engineer)
Henry Johnson (film editor)
Vickie Jones (production assistant)
Pat Kane (videotape engineer)
Tiit Koppel (studio technician)
Frank Lane (studio technician)
Rick Lawson (community coordinator)
Larry Lecain (studio technician)
Greg MacDonald (studio technician)
John MacKnight (studio technician)
John MacKnight (videotape engineer)
John Plausse (studio technician)
Fred Simons (videotape engineer)
Kathy Smith (studio technician)
Lee Smith (studio technician)
Jennifer Spangler (engineer)
Dighton Spooner (researcher)
David St. Onge (videotape engineer)
John L. Sullivan (studio technician)
Skip Wareham (studio technician)
David Whittier (cameraman)
Bob Wilson (studio technician)

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