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Ancient African Kingdoms
Program 414
Original Airdate: 2/6/1975

Subject Keywords
Africa, West - History
Afro-American politicians
Afro-Americans - Attitudes
Ghana (kingdom)
Mali (kingdom)
Songhay (kingdom)

Subject Genre
Public Affairs: Current Events

Personal Names
Eubanks, Musa
Jackson, Rev. Jesse
Spellman, A.B.

Corporate Names
Afro Audiovisual Company - Boston - Massachusetts
New World News Network

Program Description
Program focuses on the history of three of Africa's ancient kingdoms: Ghana, Mali, and Songhay. To accomplish this, Say Brother Producer Marita Rivero and her guest Musa Eubanks (of the Afro Audiovisual Company of Boston) discuss and then introduce a filmstrip created by the Afro Audiovisual Company in conjunction with the Unitarian Universalist Association. The program serves to illustrate that the liberation of African Americans from colonized thinking can only be done so via the reexamination and revised representation of Blacks in Africa -- namely, that Africa had an economic, cultural, and social history before European intervention. Also included are Say Brother segments "Blast From the Past" (featuring an interview with Jesse Jackson from 1971), "The Word" (featuring professor and historian A.B. Spellman's plea for more serious jazz on radio), "Access" (which provides a summary of the work of the New World News Network), the "Community Calendar," and "Commentary" by Producer Marita Rivero.

Marita Rivero

Associate Producer
Barbara Barrow

Conrad White

Henry Johnson

Dighton Spooner

Marita Rivero

Musa Eubanks
A.B. Spellman

National Center of Afro-American Artists, the (dancers)

Boston Art Ensemble (theme music)
Lloyd Cogell (still photography)
June Cross (community coordinator)
Stephen Farrier (community coordinator)
Sallie McGuire (production assistant)
Dighton Spooner (researcher)

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