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School Desegregation
Program 401
Original Airdate: 10/3/1974

Subject Keywords
Afro-American comnedians
Afro-American women
Afro-Americans - Education
Afro-Americans in the performing arts
Public schools - Boston - Massachusetts
School integration - Boston - Massachusetts
Segregation in education - United States

Subject Genre
Public Affairs: Current Events

Personal Names
Adams, Myrtle
Arnold, Edward
Campbell, Rev. Scott
Cosby, Bill
Cox, George
Jackson, Ellen Swepson
Johnson, Fred (Halim Adbur Rashid)
Joyner, Gloria
Lewis, Elma
Lyons, Pat Bonner
Sheffield, Deborah
Yancey, Alice

Corporate Names
Community Task Force on Education - Boston - Massachusetts
Wahabi Mime Company

Program Description
Program focuses on school desegregation and obtaining a quality of education for minorities in Boston. Program consists of a variety of segments, including excerpts of statements made by the Say Brother "All Stars," a mime performance by Fred Johnson (Halim Adbur Rashid), an interview with Boston students conducted by Marita Rivero, excerpts from interviews with Pat Bonner Lyons (Community Task Force on Education) and Ellen Swepson Jackson (Director of the Freedom House Institute in Schools and Education), a group discussion on education with Gloria Joyner, Myrtle Adams (both from the Community Task Force on Education), Rev. Scott Campbell (with Racial Harmony Now), Alice Yancey (Homeward School Association), and George Cox (Black Educators' Alliance of Massachusetts), "Information" on bankruptcy laws and citizen's rights regarding utility companies, an excerpt from a Say Brother interview with Bill Cosby, the "Community Calendar," and "Commentary" by Producer Marita Rivero. All program segments were filmed on location at Jeremiah E. Burke High School, Dorchester.

Marita Rivero

Associate Producer
Barbara Barrow

Conrad White

Henry Johnson

Dighton Spooner

Marita Rivero

Myrtle Adams
Edward Arnold
Rev. Scott Campbell
George Cox
Ellen Jackson
Gloria Joyner
Elma Lewis
Pat Bonner Lyons
Deborah Sheffield
Alice Yancey

Fred Johnson (Halim Adbur Rashid) (mime)

Lloyd Cogell (still photography)
Sallie McGuire (production assistant)
Stuart Thomas (interviewer)

Master (WGBH program) 2" videotape A2-01312
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Preservation master beta SP cassette AP-00130A
Preservation master beta SP cassette AP-00451A
Preservation master D3 cassette AD3-00539
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