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Tribute to Jazz Week, A
Program 324
Original Airdate: 5/2/1974

Subject Keywords
Black musicians
Blacks in motion pictures
Music festivals
Music - Performance
Reggae music
Reggae musicians
Television broadcasting of films

Subject Genre
Public Affairs: Current Events

Corporate Names
Caribbean Music Festival - Wimbley - England (1970)
Reggae (motion picture)

Program Description
Program, although titled "A Tribute to Jazz Week," consists of a 50-minute section of the 1970 documentary film "Reggae" by Horace Ove. Host Topper Carew provides information about Jazz Week in Boston (April 28 to May 5) with contact information for local events. Citing the week's focus on unique musical forms (as jazz is of the United States), the program examines the social and cultural origins of reggae, another unique Black musical form. Ove's film, which contains statements by music industry professionals Darcus Owusu (editor of "Black Dimension"), Mike Raven (disc jockey), Dave Hatfield (record producer), Graham Goodall (record mixer and producer), Junior Lincoln (record producer), Graham Walker (of Trojan Records), and Lee Gopthall (also of Trojan Records), focuses on the social and cultural sources of reggae, the difficulties in playing it, and what reggae musicians write about. It includes much performance footage from the 1970 Caribbean Music Festival in Wimbley, some footage illustrating the political roots of reggae (such as British tourist film clips highlighting the "service" role of Jamaicans, street scenes of poor Jamaican neighborhoods, and footage of Jamaican protests against the police and government), and material on how other (white) musicians have incorporated reggae elements into their own music.

Topper Carew

Associate Producer
Barbara Barrow

Conrad White

Dighton Spooner

Hayes Burnett (still photography)
June Cross (assistant to the producer)
Margo Niedderland (still photography)
Dighton Spooner (researcher)

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