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Tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr.
Program 313
Original Airdate: 1/17/1974

Subject Keywords
Afro-Americans - Civil rights
Religious gatherings
Television in community development

Subject Genre
Public Affairs: Current Events

Personal Names
Bryant, Rev. John
Cass, Melnea
Curtin, Bishop St. Clair
Flake, Rev. Floyd
Haynes, Rev. Michael
King, Dr. Martin Luther, Jr.
Lewis, Elma
Lyons, Pat Bonner
McClain, Reverend William B.
Moore, Rev. Prentiss
Morrison, George
Overbea, Luix
Owens, Bill
Owens, Rev. Richard
Tolliver, Rev. Warren
Turner, Chuck
Weeks, Rev. William
Wilson, Percy
Wood, Dr. Virgil

Program Description
Tribute program in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.. Program begins with newsreel footage of his famous "I Have a Dream" speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC, followed by a commemorative church service held in Boston that spans the remainder of the program. Service includes a sonnet written in memory of King and sermons from a variety of participants (Rev. Floyd Flake, Rev. William Weeks, Boston Southern Christian Leadership Conference head Dr. Virgil Wood, Bishop St. Clair Curtin, Rev. Richard Owens, Rev. William B. McClain, Rev. Rafe Taylor, Rev. Prentiss Moore, Rev. Warren Tolliver, Rev. Michael Haynes, and Rev. John Bryant) on the Kwanzaa (African) themes of unity, self-determination, responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity, and faith as interpreted through Christian scripture. Service concludes with a candle lighting ceremony facilitated by Elma Lewis, in which local community leaders read as candles are lit (Elma Lewis, Pat Bonner Lyons, Chuck Turner, Percy Wilson, Luix Overbea, George Morrison, Melnea Cass, and Rep. Bill Owens). Program includes numerous choir performances.

Topper Carew

Associate Producer
Barbara Barrow
Vickie Jones

Conrad White

Henry Johnson

Tom Balhatchet (audio)
Ron Buccheri (switcher)
June Cross (production assistant)
Scott Davis (stage manager)
Bill Fairweather (video)
Pat Kane (recordist)
Frank Lane (cameraman)
Larry LeCain (cameraman)
Karl Lorencic (unit manager)
Greg MacDonald (cameraman)
Tom McSorley (recordist)
John Plausse (lighting director)
Andy Thomas (video)
Bob Wilson (cameraman)

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