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Carew Film Festival
Program 303
Original Airdate: 10/17/1973

Subject Keywords
Afro-American motion picture producers and directors
Afro-American women
Afro-Americans in motion pictures
Independent filmmakers
Television broadcasting of films

Personal Names
Carew, Topper
MacDowell, Fred

Corporate Names
Maggot, The (motion picture)
Mississippi Fred MacDowell (motion picture)
New Thing Flick Company, The
Righteous Apple Productions
This is the Home of Mrs. Levant Graham (motion picture)
Wild Irish Rose, A (motion picture)

Program Description
Program contains four independent films that Say Brother producer Topper Carrew produced or helped execute. These include the animated short The Maggot (an anti-drug film for children), Mississippi Fred MacDowell (about the blues musician acclaimed by his contemporaries, but commercially ignored), This is the Home of Mrs. Levant Graham (a film documenting the inner-city household of a Black woman and her children), and A Wild Irish Rose (a film about a group of alcoholics who congregate in a Washington, DC parking lot to talk, sing and drink).

Topper Carew

Associate Producer
Barbara Barrow
Vickie Jones

Conrad White

Henry Johnson (filmmaker)

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