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Hustlers, Drugs and Prison
Program 239
Original Airdate: 9/21/1972

Subject Keywords
Afro-American actors
Afro-American journalists
Afro-Americans - Attitudes
Afro-Americans in motion pictures
Drug abuse - Treatment - Boston - Massachusetts
Drugs in motion pictures
Television broadcasting of films

Subject Genre
Public Affairs: Current Events

Personal Names
Booker, David
Chatterton, John
Lee, Rochelle
Moss, Steve
Nkunta, Joseph
O'Neal, Ron
Smallwood, Fred

Corporate Names
South End Community Drug Council - Boston - Massachusetts
Superfly (motion picture)

Program Description
Program focuses on illegal drugs, and the continued effect they have on the African American community via an exploration of the recent drug-culture film Superfly and discussions with local drug rehabilitation employees. Program includes clips from the recent film, an interview with actor Ron O'Neal conducted by John Slade, a discussion among community members who oppose the film (John Chatterton of the Bay State Banner and David Booker and Fred Smallwood of First Incorporated, a drug rehabilitation program in Roxbury that is among the oldest in the country), "man on the street" interviews regarding drug use, and a discussion with South End Community Drug Council employees Joseph Nkunta, Rochelle Lee, and Steve Moss about the specific ways they handle drug abuse in the community.

John Slade

Associate Producer
Silas Davis

Russ Tillman

David Booker
John Chatterton
Rochelle Lee
Steve Moss
Joseph Nkunta
Ron O'Neal
Fred Smallwood

Barbara Barrow (production assistant)
Roy Campanella Jr. (filmmaker)
Henry Johnson (filmmaker)

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