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Carribean (National Edition)
Program 108
Original Airdate: 11/26/1975

Subject Keywords
Afro-American poets
Afro-American politicians
Afro-Americans - Attitudes
Oral interpretation of poetry
Poetry - Women authors
Trinidad and Tobago - History

Subject Genre
Public Affairs: Current Events

Personal Names
Hart, Tanya
Loving, Winifred
Mandrill, Ric
Metcalfe, Ralph H.
Muhammad, Askia
Reed, Zozelle

Program Description
Program provides insight into the ways in which the Caribbean's history is significant to the African American population, especially as the Carribean served a major stopping point for slave ships bringing Africans to the New World. Program segments include: an excerpt from a film on St. Croix (narrated by Big Jim Bennerson), "Dealin'" with Winston Kendall (an attorney from Trinidad practicing in the United States), a "Conversation" with Vickie Jones and Kendall on his impressions of African American culture as a person new to the United States, a "Spotlight" poetry reading by Winifred "Oyoko" Loving about St. Croix, "Information" on the role of the Federal Communications Commission and the need for people to write to general managers suggesting African American programming, "Bookbeat," the "Political Note" with Illinois State Representative Ralph H. Metcalfe on his opinion on the future control of the Panama Canal, the "Historical Minute" with Georgia State Representative Julian Bond, "Commentary" on traveling by Askia Muhammad, and segment interludes with personalities Tanya Hart, Jozelle Reed and Ric Mandrill (of the musical group Mandrill).
Executive Producer
Topper Carew

Marita Rivero

Associate Producer
Barbara Barrow
Vickie Jones

Conrad White

Henry Johnson

Dighton Spooner

David Crippens

Tanya Hart (quickie)
Vickie Jones (quickie)
Ric Mandrill (quickie)
Jozelle Reed (quickie)

The Webster Lewis Septet (theme music)
Orlando Bagwell (assistant cameraman)
Orlando Bagwell (assistant editor)
Tom Balhatchet (engineer)
Bill Benson (unit manager)
Bruce Bordett (studio technician)
Carla Bravo Wing (community coordinator)
Ron Buccheri (studio technician)
Bill Charette (studio technician)
Basil Chigas (studio technician)
Lloyd Cogell (still photography)
Dennis Correia (engineer)
David Crane (videotape engineer)
Douglas DeVitt (videotape engineer)
Michael Dick (graphics)
Boyd Estus (camera)
Bill Fairweather (engineer)
Leah Fletcher (community coordinator)
Michael Floyd (studio technician)
Peter Hadfield (graphics)
Keith Handyside (engineer)
Roger Haydock (assistant cameraman)
Arthur Henry (videotape editor)
Rebecca Hill (community coordinator)
Dick Holden (studio technician)
David Hutton (videotape engineer)
Steve Izzi (sound)
Henry Johnson (camera)
Pat Kane (videotape engineer)
Sharon Kenner (graphics)
Tiit Koppel (studio technician)
Frank Lane (studio technician)
Tony Lark (editor - segment)
Larry LeCain (studio technician)
David Loerzel (assistant cameraman)
David Loerzel (assistant editor - segment)
Greg MacDonald (studio technician)
Sallie MacGuire Nicholas (production assistant)
John MacKnight (studio technician)
John MacKnight (videotape engineer)
Huntley Nicholas Jr. (sound)
Huntley Nicholas Jr. (still photography)
John Plausse (studio technician)
Marita Rivero (concept)
Candelaria Silva (community coordinator)
Fred Simons (videotape engineer)
Kathy Smith (studio technician)
Lee Smith (studio technician)
Jennifer Spangler (engineer)
Alonzo Speight (community coordinator)
Dighton Spooner (researcher)
David St. Onge (videotape engineer)
John L. Sullivan (studio technician)
Margaret Tarter (community coordinator)
Skip Wareham (studio technician)
Bob Wilson (studio technician)
Rodner Wright (graphics)
Sylvia Wright (community coordinator)

Master (WGBH program) 2" videotape A2-00987
Preservation master digital beta cassette AP-01668
Preservation master beta SP cassette AP-01668A
Viewing copy 3/4" cassette 987
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