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Programs are listed below by program number, title, and original air date. All programs date between 1968 and 1982.

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Program No. 778/29/1968
Black Power on University Campuses241/16/1969
Spring Special313/28/1969
Black Arts346/13/1969
Black Athlete, The356/19/1969
Anniversary Show367/10/1969
New Bedford637/23/1970
South Africa2181/18/1972
Guinea Bissau2202/1/1972
Black Solidarity Day 2296/15/1972
Hustlers, Drugs and Prison 2399/21/1972
Ten Great Black Historical Figures 24010/5/1972
Winter Special 24912/28/1972
Struggle in South Africa2532/1/1973
Community in Action 2563/1/1973
Black History Week2573/7/1973
Black Woman2593/29/1973
Cannonball Express 2624/26/1973
A.L.D. Focus2645/23/1973
Music Special2697/5/1973
Who is Topper Carew?30110/3/1973
Look into the Past, A30210/10/1973
Carew Film Festival30310/17/1973
Howlin' Wolf30411/1/1973
Louis Farrakhan30511/8/1973
African Liberation Committee Film30611/15/1973
Community Organization30711/29/1973
Perspectives in Politics 30812/6/1973
Great, Great Grandmothers30912/13/1973
Spirit of Umoja31012/27/1973
Black Stars3211/9/1974
Montgomery to Memphis3121/2/1974
Tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr.3131/17/1974
Mass. Black History3151/31/1974
Poetry in Motion3162/7/1974
Malcolm X3172/20/1974
Roots Music 3183/7/1974
Point of View, A3193/21/1974
School Issue, The3203/28/1974
Senior Citizens3234/25/1974
Tribute to Jazz Week, A3245/2/1974
Community Fellows3255/16/1974
Evening with Melvin van Peebles and Dick Gregory3265/23/1974
Social Control 3275/30/1974
Health Care3286/13/1974
Community Access3296/20/1974
Oh My God, Mama King Is Dead 3307/18/1975
School Desegregation40110/3/1974
Old, Black and Alive40410/31/1974
Mystic Chain 40511/7/1974
Press Conference 40611/14/1974
Our Aboriginal Brothers40711/21/1974
Theatre and the Arts40812/4/1974
Kwanzaa 40912/19/1974
Cityscape Spe-11975
Folktales 4101/2/1975
New Music 4111/9/1975
Basketball Clinic 4121/16/1975
Elma Lewis 25th Anniversary Celebration4131/23/1975
Ancient African Kingdoms4142/6/1975
Slave Trade4153/20/1975
Black Poetry4171/30/1975
Black Repertory Company4183/20/1975
NAACP 4193/27/1975
Say Brother News #14204/3/1975
Lest We Forget: Martin Luther King, A Retrospective4214/10/1975
Framingham: Who's Gonna Take the Weight?4224/17/1975
Say Brother News #24235/1/1975
Say Brother Presents Message to the People featuring Brown Sugar4245/8/1975
A.L.D. 4275/22/1975
Current News4286/12/1975
Experimental TV 4296/19/1975
Nation of Islam: A Portrait Spe-210/1/1975
Old, Black and Alive 10110/8/1975
Vietnam 10210/15/1975
Ancient African Kingdoms 10410/29/1975
Nation of Islam (National Edition)10511/5/1975
Black Colleges (National Edition)10611/12/1975
Attica (National Edition)10711/19/1975
Caribbean (National Edition) 10811/26/1975
Middle Passage (National Edition) 10912/3/1975
Poetry and Arts (National Edition) 11012/12/1975
New Music (National Edition) 11112/17/1975
Desegregation (National Edition) 11212/31/1975
African Liberation (National Edition) 1131/7/1976
Black Politics 6011/11/1976
Law In The Community 6021/18/1976
Dinah Washington 6032/1/1976
Education, Part 2 6052/15/1976
United Nations 6062/22/1976
Art of Photography, The 6072/29/1976
Another Approach To Theatre 6083/14/1976
Vaudeville 6093/21/1976
Leadership in the Black Community 6104/4/1976
Black Women and the ERA6114/11/1976
Black Fraternal Organizations6124/18/1976
Concerts in Black and Brown 6134/30/1976
Image of Woman in African Art 6145/21/1976
Rapping with the Bluenotes 6155/14/1976
Celebrate 76 6166/4/1976
National Black Political Convention6176/11/1976
Night of the Blues, A6186/20/1976
Black Business6197/2/1976
African Artist, The6207/9/1976
Islands, The6217/16/1976
Islands, Pt. 2, The 6227/23/1976
Africa: An Overview6238/6/1976
Men and Women6248/13/1976
Dream Deferred, A6258/23/1976
Modification of Phase Two: What Does It Really Mean? 70110/15/1976
Response from South Africa, A70210/22/1976
Blues Ain't Nothing But a Poem, The 70310/29/1976
Response From the State House, A70411/5/1976
State Recognition After 400 Years: Who and Why?70511/12/1976
Que Pasa? Don't Ask if You Don't Want to Know70611/19/1976
Say Brother Pays Tribute to Webster Lewis with a Night on the Town70711/28/1976
Dismissing Some Myths about Chinese Americans70812/3/1976
Candid Look at Boston's Largest Black Radio Station, A70912/10/1976
What is Concilio?71012/17/1976
Slices of Life71112/31/1976
Ronnie Laws and Pressure7121/7/1977
Federal Laws and the Native American: Patterns of Paper Politics7131/14/1977
Minority Cultural Institutions: Programmed to Fail? 7141/21/1977
Economic Development of the Chinese Community7152/4/1977
Looking at Ourselves: How the Black Media Watches Boston, Pt. 17162/11/1977
Looking at Ourselves: How the Black Media Watches Boston, Pt. 27172/18/1977
Moment for Music, A7183/4/1977
Day with Muhammad Ali, A7193/11/1977
Walter Leonard7203/18/1977
"Spikes to Spindles," Pt. 27224/8/1977
Reflections of Senegal7234/15/1977
Distortions of Black Life7244/29/1977
Island in America, An7255/6/1977
Fashion Fun7265/13/1977
Paige Academy: An Alternative Education7275/20/1977
Incident at Cass Lake7286/14/1977
TV Violence and Its Effect on Children7296/24/1977
Best of 1976 - 1977 7307/1/1977
Welfare Controversy, The8019/9/1977
Survival on Mother's Island8029/16/1977
Can the Sun Be Your Enemy?8039/23/1977
Affirmative Action or Discrimination?80410/7/1977
Affirmative Action, Pt. 280510/14/1977
"Spikes to Spindles"80610/21/1977
South Africa80711/4/1977
Say Sister: A Tribute to Third World Women80911/18/1977
Caring for Your Health81012/2/1977
Prison Reforms81212/16/1977
Christmas in Color81312/23/1977
Third World Potpourri8141/6/1978
Praise to King Martin 8151/13/1978
Look at Eritrea, A8172/3/1978
Profile of Boston's Chinese Community, A8182/10/1978
Public Housing 8192/17/1978
Polaroid in South Africa 8203/3/1978
Face of Love, The8213/10/1978
Celebrate the Year of the Horse8223/24/1978
Native American Foster Care8233/31/1978
From Puerto Rico's Point of View8244/7/1978
Politics of Women's Healthcare, The8254/14/1978
Look at Cuba, A8265/5/1978
Alternative Medicine8275/12/1978
Bilingual Education8285/19/1978
Value of the Black Vote8295/26/1978
Slices of Black Theatre90110/20/1978
Profile of Latino Social Service Agencies, A90210/27/1978
Unsuspected Killers, The90411/10/1978
African Derivations90511/17/1978
Observations of Brown Brilliance90611/24/1978
Changing Face of Chinatown, The90712/1/1978
Law Clinic 90912/15/1978
1968 - 1978, Where Do We Go From Here?91012/22/1978
Kwanzaa Special91112/29/1978
Something About the Blues9131/12/1978
Invitation From Cuba9144/20/1979
Inside Women Inside9154/27/1979
Mashpee Quest9165/4/1979
Afro-Studies: Why So Many Barriers?9175/11/1979
Conversation with the Next Generation, A9185/18/1979
Asian Pacific Heritage Celebration9206/15/1979
Medicine Man (Gambia Pt. 2)9216/22/1979
Case of Justice, A9226/29/1979
Case of Justice, A (Pt. 2)9237/6/1979
Excursion with Tumbao, An9247/13/1979
Deal with China, A9257/20/1979
Educational Workshop9267/27/1979
Solar Visions9278/3/1979
South Africa: Perception and Reality9288/10/1979
Evening with Eartha Kitt, An10009/14/1979
Hottest Seat in Town, The10019/21/1979
Reggae: A Caribbean Cultural Explosion100210/5/1979
Cost of a Facelift100310/12/1979
Button Up Your Overcoat100410/19/1979
Walpole: Every Which Way But Loose100510/26/1979
Walpole Part II: An Examination of Why100611/2/1979
Street Dancers Bash100711/9/1979
Violence on Women100811/16/1979
There Is Always Another Way: A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Waste100911/23/1979
Another Conversation with the Next Generation101011/30/1979
Health Update101112/7/1979
Hour with Marcia Ann Gillespie, An101212/14/1979
Button Up Your Overcoat, Pt. 2101312/21/1979
Crucian Fiesta 198010174/10/1980
In the Matter of Levi Hart11204/23/1981
Say Brother 15th Anniversary Gala Celebration14019/29/1983

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