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Access to the archival collections at WGBH is based upon the established policies of WGBH's Media Archives and Preservation Center (MAPC). In order to use any of WGBH's archival materials, individuals must contact the center directly via mail or e-mail. Please review the following information related to access before contacting MAPC. Contact information is provided at the bottom of this page.

Researchers are provided access to MAPC's processed collections at the WGBH Educational Foundation in Boston. Archival materials are restricted to on-site use only, and users, without exception, are not permitted to borrow archival materials or take materials off-site.

Individuals interested in archival materials at WGBH must contact MAPC with a specific research request before visiting, and in some cases consent to an interview appointment to determine which materials he or she will need to use. Researchers are asked to plan their visit in advance so that some reference services can be conducted prior to arrival, such as retrieving boxes and pulling tapes.

Researchers are generally not permitted access to unprocessed parts of archival collections.

User requests for restricted materials will be discussed with WGBH's Legal Department to determine whether or nor the request can be honored.

Researchers must read, complete and sign an access policy agreement form before using archival materials.

Researchers must abide by MAPC's rules governing the physical handling of archival materials, such as:

    only using pencil in the research area
    not using handheld or other scanning devices
    leaving coats, bags, and briefcases outside of the room where they will be researching
    agree to let MAPC staff do all photocopying of archival papers
    permitting an inspection of notes to ensure documents are not leaving the Archives.
Photocopies of materials for scholarly use will be granted in accordance with the fair use provisions of the Copyright Act.

Users cannot quote or publish materials from WGBH archival collections without obtaining the written permission of the WGBH Educational Foundation. (Users will need to submit a copy of all portions of their final work with their request for permission.)

Researchers must agree to credit MAPC in any work which references, incorporates or quotes MAPC materials and must provide MAPC with one copy of the final work free of charge (such as a book, paper, thesis, article, or film.)

Permission to quote or publish archival materials is granted for one-time use only.

User visits to the Archives will be scheduled according to the time sensitivity of a researcher's project.

Researchers should also keep in mind the following fees associated with using archival materials at WGBH:

1. Dubbing: Should the researcher wish to view materials in a format that is not accessible, he or she will be responsible for the costs associated with a media transfer (such as a dub to VHS). If the researcher requires audiovisual materials for incorporation in a moving image production, he or she will also be responsible for any production fees.

2. Photocopying: MAPC charges .25 per photocopy for a standard 8.5 x 11 page. If a researcher requires larger copies, or will need between 30 - 50 pages, a special fee may be arranged on-site at MAPC's discretion.

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Please email access questions and research requests to Say Brother at:

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