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The NOVA Online Adventure site features extensive information about Shackleton, the filming of Shackleton's Antarctic Adventure and the Antarctic.
This NOVA Online site offers an in-depth survey on Antarctica, including educational activities associated with the study of Antarctica.
70 South is a polar news website with all manners of news about the Antarctic. The site offers up-to-date news and information on the polar regions and polar-related topics, such as aurora, global warming, ozone, whaling, scientific research, etc.
The site of British Antarctic Survey, which conducts scientific research for the British government in Antarctica. This site describes modern life and science in the Antarctic and has several interesting contributions by journalists. It also has useful links for historical material.
This is a commercial site that offers a broad range of resources associated with Shackleton and Antarctica.
The Antarctica Project is a nonprofit conservation organization that works exclusively for Antarctica.
The Byrd Polar Research Center of Ohio State University, named in honor of one of America's most famous explorers, conducts research on the role of cold regions in the global climate system.
Heritage Antarctica is a coalition of national Antarctic Heritage Trusts, which promote the restoration, preservation and protection of the structures, artifacts and records that reflect the history of human endeavor in Antarctica. The New Zealand section protects the historical heritage of human endeavor in the Ross Sea region, particularly of the historic huts of Shackleton on Ross Island. The British section is the guardian of former British bases on the Antarctica Peninsula.
The International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators is dedicated to appropriate, safe and environmentally sound private-sector travel to the Antarctic.
The U.S. Antarctic Program conducts scientific research for the U.S. government in Antarctica. The goals are to expand fundamental knowledge of the region, to foster research on global and regional problems of current scientific importance, and to utilize the region as a platform or base from which to support research.
Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research is charged with the initiation, promotion and coordination of scientific research in Antarctica. It also provides scientific advice to the Antarctic Treaty System.
This site is dedicated to the stamps of Antarctica, but it offers useful general information about the continent and its explorers.
The Scott Polar Research Institute at the University of Cambridge is the oldest international research center in the world covering both the Arctic and Antarctic regions. This comprehensive website features links to research historical and archive sections.
This is a New Zealand-based site about Antarctica and its explorers. It features an article by Reinhold Messner, one of the three modern climbers featured in Shackleton's Antarctic Adventure.

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