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Dramatic Reenactments-Photo Selection
Image of crew camping on the Ice Floealignment spacerImage of men aboard the Endurance
Camping on the Ice Floealignment spacer Aboard the Endurance
Image of dogsled pulling supplies.alignment spacerImage of crew playing football on the ice.
A Dogsled Pulls Suppliesalignment spacerA Football Match on the Ice
Image of James Caird departing.alignment spacerImage of lifeboats crossing the ocean.
The Rescue alignment spacerCrossing in the Lifeboats
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About the Film
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Film Summary
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Behind the Scenes
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Dramatic Reenactments
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The Climbers: Messner, Venables, Anker
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Film Reviews
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Sir Ernest Shackleton and the Endurance Expedition
Shackleton's Leadership Role
About Antarctica and the Subantarctic
Where to See the Film
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Photo Credits: All images 2001 WGBH and White Mountain Films, LLC, Photo: Reed Smoot

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